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The Plums Are Lost In The Past " Clue XIV "

Mr. Plum has acquired more information that leads him to another relative who is still alive! Upon talking to this cousin that he found, a relative on his maternal side, they found this person has been in possession of a family heirloom for ages, trying to find the correct family member it belonged to! The Colonel and his cousin have a great great grandfather in common. He had 2 boys, one on the cousin's side, and one on Mr. Plum's side. When a great Uncle died he explained he lost track of his children because of bitterness during a divorce but he stilled wanted to pass down a family pocket watch that he received from their Great great grandfather. Colonel Plum was the descendant he had been looking so many years for! America thought “that watch is the sexiest accessory for my jeans I have ever laid eyes on. I wonder if I can get Mr. Plum to loan it to me every now and then”.

Around 8 p.m. The Colonel and America arrived in a small town near where he hoped to visit his boyhood friend. After spending the night in lodging styled after the Bates Motel( including spooky door rattling while America was in the shower and the Colonel went to get coffee) they headed south into the Adirondacks. Passing through these deep, dark forests, America expected to see Hansel and Gretel or to be able to get a glimpse of a gingerbread house, complete with an oven inside used to cook a wicked witch! None of which happened. Coming into a bit more open land they soon arrived in a small village located on a body of water nicknamed Queen of America Lake. In the mid nineteenth century this area was popular for people who could afford a vacation, something available to a privileged few. Now in the twenty first century even people like The Plums could delight in staying here. Passing Plum Point the Colonel and his wife smiled at each other. This area home of the Paulist Fathers has so far been devoid of noticeable wildlife, except for a large brown furry critter it took the Plums a few minutes to identify, it was a woodchuck!

Back into the Hudson River Valley the Plums search out a childhood friend of the Colonel’s. Heading towards the sound of ninepins being bowled over by gods America and her husband find themselves in Rip Van Winkles back yard. Entering a village named after the same mountains they had been traveling in, Mr. Plum pulled up to a store front. Out walked a gentleman who the Colonel called by name "Fred"! Fred turned and looked at the person walking towards him, a huge grin erupted on his face. Mr. Plum talked him into showing America his wholesale fish business where he breeds, raises and sells Killi fish. Rare, gorgeous, colorful little fish, who live about a year. Fred called them annuals, like a flower.

Without asking approval from the Plums or his wife everyone is bustled into Fred’s plans for dinner. London broil barbecued by Fred, who spent most of his life as a butcher. Beautiful cut of meat. His wife Madeline finished the dinner with a marvelous course of side dishes. They have a beautiful home on a small lake, less land than the Plums have, but carefully planted. Fred and his wife grow many magnolias that Mr. Plum remembers Fred always admiring at the Colonel’s childhood home. Madeline is a talented artist who gave tips to America about water color paper. Madeline is now working on a series of cats for a show, one is called King Tat, and he is about 3 feet tall. Wow!

N42 degrees 13.020 minutes W 73 degrees 52.154 minutes

Madeline’s mother lives with them, a lady named Emma who America thought looked like a china doll. Emma flattered Mrs. Plum by telling her she like listening to her voice. Mrs. Plum always smiling at her husband’s New York accent because had been tickled not an hour before by Fred who could not understand her when America said the word warm. Fred thought she said worm! Maybe he is just inclined to hear words relating to fish! Before the Plums left the area America asked the Colonel for a picture of the fish above Fred's shop for a memento. They drove back into the old historical neighborhood (old enough that most of the owners had been given $10,000 grants to beautify their buildings) and found Fred's shop with just the right sunlight for a good picture. The picture and memories will have to do, Fred and the Colonel promise in two years they'll see each other again!

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