Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past "Clue XVII"

N 40 degrees 759109 minutes W 73 degrees 982094 minutes

It has been years since the Plums were in the City, it didn’t look like the same old place without trash lying in its gutters and stripped bare autos rusting in the side streets. But one thing is the same, in this most eastern of places, all the people tend to have the same accent as the Colonel. Even stronger if that is possible.

The Plums had great Kennedy Fried Chicken, in the Bronx, not far from the Ramada !! Then Bed. The next day the Colonel talked America into going up to the observation deck on a skyscraper! They stepped out of the elevator to sites Mr. Plum knew and loved, but Mrs. Plum felt out of her element. She warned, "Beyond here be monsters!" Truly she knew there were no monsters; she has vertigo and never knew how she would feel looking out over this surreal view of this most fantastic skyline with such a terrifying drop below. Trying to get over the faintness her husband couldn't fathom, she peeks around a massive steel girder and gets her first glimpse. That's enough, as awe inspiring as it is, time to go back down!

America had a mental block; she couldn't remember the name of the building they were supposed to meet her husband's brother at. It seemed to rhyme with talks, box, rocks, walks, pox, knocks, jocks, locks. The name Imus on this building was not bringing anything to mind. She gave up. Mr. Plum called his brother on his cell phone and his sibling said he was just 2 blocks away. They met him there.

Traveling on Long Island, looking East, across the Atlantic Ocean, Mr. Plum stated, “The next bit of land after all of that water, would be Eire as the Irish people call it. The side closest to here is the real Ireland, Gaeltacht, land of farms and fishing. Not like the big cities on the Eastern side of that green island. A lot of his America’s relatives (and her red hair) came from that land and even some of his family. Mrs. Plum thought "Strange isn't it, that's the way it is in the USA too, most big cities towards the East and so many fewer in the West?"

Wandering around grave-sites out on the peninsula had been a wet and cold job. America thought, "I spent a fortune not to look like a hayseed from the farm country while in New York and here I am with rain dripping down my face and mud all over my black linen pants. My 3 inch high heels are sinking into the ground! If this keeps up, this Plum will look like a prune!" When The Colonel noticed her plight he offered her an umbrella. She refused. She didn't want to look like Mary Poppins either! She was having one of those days! Mr. Plum came up with an idea to cheer his wife up. He said "America my Dear, what would you like for dinner?" Mrs. Plum turned to Mr. Plum and quoted Oscar Wilde. "A great man said” I can resist everything but temptation"; what I can't resist is a New York style pizza!"

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