Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past "Clue XVIII"

N 40 degrees 39.985 minutes W 73 degrees 24.910 minutes

An old quaint residential area, the grisly murder of six people happened 13 months before the new owners bought the Old Dutch Colonial. The buyers were sure they were getting a bargain price due to the history of the house! They soon discovered it wouldn’t be a good deal! The hauntings started almost immediately. The family was tormented and moved out. The town has been notorious ever since. Some histories are best left undisturbed.

However, before leaving this old village the Colonel received a copy of his estranged grandfather’s death certificate. He had left the family in 1924 and there had been no knowledge of him since. The death certificate gave Mr. Plum the right (showed the family blood line) to get the death certificate for his paternal grandmother to find her gravesite. Prior to this America’s husband had no references to her at all. She died here and was buried about 30 miles away. He was also surprised to find the great grandmother on his mother’s side buried in this town.

Strange things happened in this town, almost as odd happened in the Plum family. Growing up, his grandmother’s family and his estranged grandfather’s family lived within 25 miles of each other. There was no one aware of this on Mr. Plum’s mother's side of the family. The Colonel does not know if anyone on his grandfather’s side knew or not. At last Mr. Plum is being acquainted with these lost members of his family tree.

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