Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past " Clue XXI "

N 40 degrees 56.837 minutes, W 73 degrees 4.206 minutes

Mr. Plum’s brother and his wife were gracious hosts for the 6 days the Colonel and America were on the Island. During the day the Plums scoured cemeteries and record offices, at night they had the best food and company they could have asked for. The Plums are sure they have gained weight! One afternoon they scheduled time to spend with Mr. Plum’s aunt. The Colonel had forgotten about the Sunday meals she cooked. At 3 p.m. his Aunt prepared and served them a full course chicken dinner, complete with dessert, wine and coffee. She is a great cook and had quite a bit of family knowledge that Mr. Plum needed. It was a very nice visit, the only problem being that America and her husband were expected back to his brother’s for a barbecue of London broil, shrimp, sausage with fried onions and green peppers, miscellaneous salads and chocolate cream pie! Yes, the Plums sampled all in small portions and went to bed with stomach aches. Since each party had went to so much trouble they did not want to offend anyone by telling them no. The piece de’ resistance was when the in-laws took the Plums to the North Shore, where the boats from Connecticut dock and let the tourists taste Long Island savoir fare, when America sampled a decadent desert. It was made with white chocolate mousse layered on a base of devil’s food cake, drenched in a hard chocolate shell. With something so good America couldn’t have her regular de caffeinated coffee, she had a cup of the real stuff and still slept like a baby.

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