Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past "Clue XXII"

When it was time to leave Long Island, not 5 minutes out and the Plums met with a 3 car accident! Thanks to Mr. Plum’s and his brother’s knowledge of New York style driving the Colonel and America had a safe trip, but no matter, America was happy to leave those drivers behind.

Driving down the highway Mrs. Plum noted the lilacs were getting ready to bloom, wistfully she remembered it will be about 6 more weeks before they flower at home. Having left Deerfield at 8 a.m. it took the Colonel and America 2 ½ hours to drive 70 miles through heavy expressway traffic. No wonder so many rich out there use chauffeurs

N 41 degrees 5.395 minutes W 73 degrees 51.721 minutes

Further on, the Plums found an old church and churchyard, it had some angels that America wanted pictures of for her collection, one set of 3 were dated 1892. There were a few weird moments of “someone” almost floating through an area of mausoleums and over grown plants. Look close and you might see the apparition.

Mrs. Plum stopped in her tracks, is that a wisp of smoke, of fog, or could it be an actual ghost that beckoned her towards that grave??? Whatever her imagination conjured up, she followed it to where it lead her, to a forgotten grave! Could it be? One of her maternal grandmother's families!! Mrs. Plum shrieked with glee, she had also found her relatives. No wonder she had been so drawn to The Headless Horseman’s area all of her life. She felt it was only because of her Irish heritage's love of Halloween! The Plums have always been in tune as husband and wife, but now to find their heritage is also so closely linked sent shivers of joy covering Mrs. Plum's entire self.

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