Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past "Clue XXV"

NW 42 degrees 51.88 minutes W 71 degrees 37.467 minutes

The next day stopping at an antique store America found 3 kitchen tables, she settled on one to take home and refinish. Not being able to resist the price she asked the Colonel to also buy a mission style desk with cubby holes for books.

This state’s motto is very familiar to most, live free or die.

Mr. and Mrs. Plum were searching for one of the last 2 cemeteries he needed to find, before heading home, they stumbled upon the oldest graveyard in the region (where it was forbidden to do grave rubbings) in the side yard of the town’s record center. Most of the headstones seemed to be made of slate. America gathered more angels for her series. A gentleman coming out of the building was able to direct the Plums to the cemetery they needed. Mr. Plum was looking for a cousin’s grave. The family name is Poirot, no not Hercule of Agatha Christie fame, but Frank.

That evening the GPS took its revenge for the Colonel and America taking so many side trips. When t
hey asked directions to the motel “she” took them to a motel that no longer existed. A bit Later America searched for a different one, it said 45 minutes away, 20 minutes later it was still 45 minutes away. This seemed similar to Starbuck’s free wi-fi costing $5.00 a stop. Something is just not quite right. Through dark, forested mountains, down 9% graded hills, they roamed. Close to the Vermont border they find a place to lay their heads for the night. This motel had nothing like the good company and the Inn on the Harbor’s atmosphere where they spent the night before, but luxurious (they were almost full so they offered Mr. Plum a luxury suite at a discounted price) and restful all the same.

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