Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past "Clue XXVII"

N39 degrees 41.971 minutes W 81 degrees 43.859 minutes

As the Plums left the Liberty Bell, long psychedelic lit tunnels, hills covered in leafing trees and valleys dotted with farms, 6 turkey vultures circled the area. America wondered what significance could it have??!!

Mrs. Plum’s younger sister supplied Mr. Plum with information on 2 more graveyards where they might find the grave-sites of America and her sister’s ancestors. The Colonel and America spent the WHOLE day doing this, in the pouring rain! To find the first cemetery they left the Interstate, went onto a US highway, turned onto a smaller, narrow, 2 lane road, then onto a township road that was 1 lane wide, a dirt track slick with mud and deep mud puddles for a distance of 39 miles total.

Before they arrived at the correct cemetery, partially down the dirt lane they found another small old grave site,one headstone said “Cain”, no way thought America that it could be that old! Outside the entrance to the cemetery sat a barn with a unique design. Normally where the “hex” sign would be they found a unique “quilt” type design. Inside the graveyard America’s unerring 6th sense led them to one positive family tombstone and a probable one. By this time the Plums were drenched and America wanted coffee and or lunch to find time to dry a bit. They found a great 50’s diner and were shortly dry enough to go to the next site, 7 miles further. In this cemetery they had no luck finding a grave but did get the information for who took care of that site. Also the ever observant Colonel Plum noted the name of the local newspaper which had been in business since 1844.
**About ½ way through the trail to find the graveyard the Plums found a BIG (460,000 lb.) coal scoop and are still puzzled about it!

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