Monday, May 3, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past - (Answers To Clues 1-31)

I. Narrows Bridge, Tacoma, Washington, yellow egg/black checker.

II. Lake Coerur d'Alene, Idaho, turquoise egg/black checker.

III. Museum of the Rockies (Bozeman MT) green egg/black checker.

IIII. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, pink egg/black checker.

V. Corn Palace, Mitchell, South Dakota, purple egg/red checker.

VI. St Joseph Michigan City Park, orange egg/black checker.

VII. Greenfield Village, yellow egg/red checker.

VIII. St Patrick's Church Erie, Pennsylvania, green egg/black checker.

IX. Ft Niagara Lighthouse, green egg/red checker.

X. Niagara Falls Aquarium, yellow egg/red checker.

XI. Joseph Hathaway House, green egg/red checker.

XII. Old Stone Fort, yellow egg/red checker.

XIII. Rexleigh Covered Bridge, green egg/black checker

XIV. Wiley Hose Company or "Old Fire House" yellow egg/black checker.

XV. Southeast or South East Museum, green egg/black checker.

XVI. Brewster Train Station or Metro North Rail Road Station or South East Train Station, yellow egg/black checker.

XVII. Fox News Building, New York City (NO EGG OR CHECKER) "Everyone Gets A Point For This Clue".

XVIII. Amityville House (or any variation of Amity Horror House) pink egg/red checker.

XIX. Montauk Point Lighthouse, pink egg/red checker.

XX. Any name to do with Evergreen Cemetery, yellow egg/red checker.

XXI. Port Jefferson Ferry Terminal, purple egg/red checker.

XXII. Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, yellow egg/black checker.

XXIII. Opera House or Stonington Opera House, green egg/black checker.

XXIV. Senate House (with or without) Kingston, New York, green egg/black checker.

XXV. Amherst New Hampshire, Town Hall, orange egg/black checker.

XXVI. Clue name needed , not name of town "Craftsman Farms" Parsippany -Troy Hills, New Jersey, turquoise egg/red checker.

XXVII. Miner's Memorial Park (near McConnelsville, but name of town not needed) I will accept "The Big Muskie Coal Shovel/Bucket" yellow egg/ black checker.

XXVIII. Salt Kettle or Rest Area, turquoise egg/black checker.

XXIX. Tom & Huck Monument - any variation, yellow egg/black checker.

XXX. Wall Drug (or any variation of drug and wall) yellow egg/red checker.

XXXI. Bayview Idaho, orange egg/black checker.

This is the completed list for "The Plums Are Lost In The Past" Game, that ended May 2nd.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past "Clue XXXI" Final Clue

N 47 degrees 58.8 minutes W 116 degrees 33.841 minutes

Awakened through the night by winds gusting up to 134 miles per hour, the Plums awoke to no
cable TV or no internet for weather advice. While the big trucks decided to wait a bit longer America and the Colonel decided to go as far down the road as they could. The outside temperature was 40 degrees, by the time Mrs. Plum drove to the top of Bridger Mountain, at 5,000 feet; the temperature had dropped to 29 degrees. Falling from the sky a slushy wet icy mixture hit the windshield and froze making visibility very poor. By the time the Plums arrived in Bozeman it was 32 degrees and the clouds had stopped excreting moisture but they decided to stop for coffee and check the internet to make a decision on which pass to take over the Rocky Mountains. All the choices looked bad, road conditions were listed as black ice, slush on the road and thick fog. Reports of 1 to 4 inches of snow falling each hour in Central Montana, the weather forecaster did not say what they considered as Central Montana. By the time America and the Colonel finished their coffee he had decided to take over driving for a turn. At least the Plums now knew the decision not to go to Yellowstone Park had been the correct one, the Park was in the middle of the storm.

When the Plums stopped for lunch they found they had gone a good bit of distance and checked the weather one more time, enabling them to make a decision which Pass to take. They chose McDonald Pass, at 6.300 feet, at the top, it is one of the highest but the weather seemed the best. In about an hour and a half (and 6 bald eagle sightings) the Plums reached Missoula where America was born, from there it was about 3 hours to home.

Coming home America thought “it’s appropriate to be passing through a town that is celebrating its 100th birthday.” “Early in its life, the town known then as Squaw Bay was a stopping point for fur trappers. Squaw Bay was located on a lake that in the mid 1800’s as Lake Kalispell. This lake has known many types of boat, from steamboats up to the current mini submarines that the US Naval Surface Warfare Center’s, Acoustic Research Detachment use for their very interesting work. Too bad they couldn't have given the Plums a ride across the lake and saved them half a days driving.

Home after 9,310.5 miles and a month of being on the road, Mr. Plum remarked “here today, gone tomorrow”, America said “well maybe not that soon!”

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Eric Church "How Bout You" Album - Sinners Like Me

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