Monday, May 3, 2010

The Plums Are Lost In The Past - (Answers To Clues 1-31)

I. Narrows Bridge, Tacoma, Washington, yellow egg/black checker.

II. Lake Coerur d'Alene, Idaho, turquoise egg/black checker.

III. Museum of the Rockies (Bozeman MT) green egg/black checker.

IIII. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, pink egg/black checker.

V. Corn Palace, Mitchell, South Dakota, purple egg/red checker.

VI. St Joseph Michigan City Park, orange egg/black checker.

VII. Greenfield Village, yellow egg/red checker.

VIII. St Patrick's Church Erie, Pennsylvania, green egg/black checker.

IX. Ft Niagara Lighthouse, green egg/red checker.

X. Niagara Falls Aquarium, yellow egg/red checker.

XI. Joseph Hathaway House, green egg/red checker.

XII. Old Stone Fort, yellow egg/red checker.

XIII. Rexleigh Covered Bridge, green egg/black checker

XIV. Wiley Hose Company or "Old Fire House" yellow egg/black checker.

XV. Southeast or South East Museum, green egg/black checker.

XVI. Brewster Train Station or Metro North Rail Road Station or South East Train Station, yellow egg/black checker.

XVII. Fox News Building, New York City (NO EGG OR CHECKER) "Everyone Gets A Point For This Clue".

XVIII. Amityville House (or any variation of Amity Horror House) pink egg/red checker.

XIX. Montauk Point Lighthouse, pink egg/red checker.

XX. Any name to do with Evergreen Cemetery, yellow egg/red checker.

XXI. Port Jefferson Ferry Terminal, purple egg/red checker.

XXII. Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, yellow egg/black checker.

XXIII. Opera House or Stonington Opera House, green egg/black checker.

XXIV. Senate House (with or without) Kingston, New York, green egg/black checker.

XXV. Amherst New Hampshire, Town Hall, orange egg/black checker.

XXVI. Clue name needed , not name of town "Craftsman Farms" Parsippany -Troy Hills, New Jersey, turquoise egg/red checker.

XXVII. Miner's Memorial Park (near McConnelsville, but name of town not needed) I will accept "The Big Muskie Coal Shovel/Bucket" yellow egg/ black checker.

XXVIII. Salt Kettle or Rest Area, turquoise egg/black checker.

XXIX. Tom & Huck Monument - any variation, yellow egg/black checker.

XXX. Wall Drug (or any variation of drug and wall) yellow egg/red checker.

XXXI. Bayview Idaho, orange egg/black checker.

This is the completed list for "The Plums Are Lost In The Past" Game, that ended May 2nd.
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