Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Barack Obama & The Traveling Daddy Pants

Photo "Vacant Life Guard Chair"

What does the President of the United States have that the majority of us don't have? Answer: A better vantage point of what is on our Nation's horizon. The President of the U.S. is privy to information that many of us will never be able to view in our life times. The life guard chair, is built so the life guard can have a better vantage point than the people's view on the ground. The life guard's view is better, he can see further out, the view from above is expansive. The life guard has been trained for spotting and responding to crisis.

The President is like our Nation's life guard, he has a vantage point (Intel Briefings) that allows him to see what is coming before it reaches us, and react accordingly to protect us.

When our current President was sworn in, and the progressive wing of the Democrat Party moved on their current political agenda of "Change". I stated that this Administration - Government was going to be subjected to the laws of nature like any other Administration that came before it. I stated that Life is what happens while you are making plans. That there is the Known, The Unknown, and the Unknowable. Life doesn't happen in a vacuum. We are now experiencing those circumstances, in the Gulf domestically, and in our foreign policy SEE The usual suspects, Iran, North Korea, Al Qeada, Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah.....

Barack Obama is wearing "The Daddy Pants" he is the President of the United States. I can fully understand politically why he doesn't want very many photo ops down in the Gulf of Mexico - He doesn't want his likeness to be associated with an unmatched disaster in American history. I wager, the only advice he gets is political on this monumental disaster, otherwise he would be down in the Gulf more often to show he is "engaged" when will governance trump politics in this current administration?

Meanwhile the President, traveled home to Chicago for the Memorial weekend holiday, he was going to give a speech at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, and was rained out by mother nature. He returned to Washington D.C. and gave an impromptu speech at Andrews Air Force Base. I watched this speech on television, and was appreciative of his words. I wish he gave the same kind of speeches - when he travels to other countries, apologizing for the U.S. and minimizing American exceptional-ism.

I am not as pessimistic as others about the oil spill containment, and clean up. I am just as depressed as everyone else. I remember what Saddam Hussein did when he was forced out of Kuwait by the U.S. and our allies. He left an environmental nightmare in his wake. We heard reports that it would take decades to put out the fires, and cap oil wells, that Saddam in retreat had lit on fire. That turned out not to be true. Human ingenuity triumphed, and experts from all over the world responded, and began blowing out, and capping those wells.

Perhaps hand wringing is good for cable news ratings, but hardly helpful in the long run to effect any real problem solving. It will be human ingenuity in the end that solves the problems caused by this disaster. In the meantime the President needs to remember the American people are looking to him as the head of the United States Government, not the head of his political party. The current administration is said to not want to own this current disaster, and are happy to lay blame on British Petroleum. Still the oil leak isn't contained, and the spill isn't being cleaned up in any meaningful way. There is an old saying that I think applies to the current situation. "Lead, Follow Or Get The Hell Out Of The Way"

President Barack Obama, is wearing the Daddy Pants, he needs to stop Leading from the Rear, it doesn't inspire confidence in any of his countrymen, who are looking to him for leadership not political gamesmanship.

Shepard Smith on Oil Spill’s Impact on Country

Imus In The Morning 2 June 2010.
FNC's Shepard Smith on the oil spill’s impact on businesses across the country, but particularly the fishing and tourism industries.

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