Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Dog Days Of Summer" Let's Take A Moment To Reflect On What's Important

Given The State Our Country Is In, BP Oil Spill - Day 70, The Afghanistan War Is On It's 9th Year, It Even Has It's Own Journal "The Long War Journal", The Economy, High Unemployment, Lack Of Border Security & Iran Is Still Fixated On Nuclear Fission, Rolling Stone Magazine Thinks, Knee Capping A Commander In The Field, During A Shooting War, In The Middle Of A Surge, Is Something Celebratory.

It's Time To Put Our Feet Up, And Have A Beer. Go Ahead America You Could Use A Nice Cold One.

No Need To Wait For The Fourth Of July, To Give Thanks We Aren't Canadian.

We May Be Headed Into The Dog Day's Of Summer, And Given The State Of The Country, It Just Might Be Time To Put The Beer Goggles On ;)

I Am An American So I Usually Drink Coronas (I Think It's The Law Now, We Have To Support The Mexican Economy) But Recently I Tried This Beer
By Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss

Toby Keith "It's A Little Too Late"

It's a little too late, I'm a little too gone;
I'm a little too tired of just hangin' on:
So I'm lettin' go while I'm still strong enough to.
It's got a little too sad, I'm a little too blue;

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