Monday, June 21, 2010

Former Deputy AG Jamie Goerlick - Back On The Pipe - Joins BP As Legal Counsel

Former Clinton Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, best known for "stove-pipping" intelligence, during the Clinton years, has been hired by BP. Maybe the Mayans were onto something with that calender of theirs that ends in 2012.
Nicknamed the Mistress of Disaster because of her culpability in both 9/11 and Fannie Mae. I can see why BP would want to hire someone with disaster experience....I'm guessing BP, is looking for someone good at plugging up holes - Gorelick did such a great job with our Intelligence Agency's Pipes/SARC.

Imus In The Morning Guest, This Morning, Bo Dietl, informs Imus of BP's new legal counsel hire, and remarks on Jamie Gorelick's track record with "Man Made Disasters"

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