Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hey Michigan’s 1st District - Need A New Representative "Get Your Prescription Filled Here"

Hey Michigan, I Got Something For What Ails You. Read it, Reduce it, Repeal it, Reform it. Dr Dan Benishek for Congress. Or Click The Graphic.

No I'm not a Doctor, but I did visit A Holiday Inn Express Website.
This particular Holiday Inn Express is located in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan. I bet right about now the good people of Sault Ste Marie, are wishing the economy was better, and people were checking into their hotels, eating at their restaurants, and enjoying their recreational areas. Right now Michigan's unemployment rate is
13.6%, there is someone who wants to prescribe something for "Michigan's Malaise" Dr Dan Benishek, Republican candidate, for the U.S. Congress, wants to be your next Representative for Michigan's 1st District.

Of course for people to be able to visit the beautiful 1st District of Michigan, people need to be able to rent hotel rooms in Michigan. That takes money, and in order to get money, they need jobs. This is something Dan Benishek understands, his opponent RINO
Jason Allen, is being funded by SEIU, of course the Unions care about jobs - theirs, not necessarily yours.

Dr Dan Benishek, understands how supply and demand works, how to stimulate the economy with job growth. Unfortunately people in the Democrat party have their own ideas about stimulating the economy. For example Speaker of the House Nancy
Pelosi, believes that extending unemployment benefits stimulates the economy. I have listened to the Speaker, I have tried to follow her reasoning. But I have a difficult time understanding how, paying people very little amounts of money, to keep them from gainful employment, stimulates the economy. Perhaps in some bureaucrat's formula for wealth redistribution it stimulates the economy, but one thing is for sure it doesn't do a thing for a person's self esteem.

Dr Dan Benishek, wants to treat the whole patient, not just the symptoms. (Bart Stupak: Hey let's use BP Escrow fund to pay for health care.) Lord knows Michigans 1st District has been patient ;)

I feel your pain Michigan, and I have to say after witnessing what you all have been going through with your current representation, It reminds me of "You Can't Cure Stupid But You Can Vote Them Out"

There is a remedy, Dr Dan Benishek - Go Here: All You Need To Do Is Fill Your Prescription.

Black Crowes "Remedy"

Can I have some remedy?
Remedy for me, please
If I had some remedy
I'd take enough to please me....

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