Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jewel "In Missoula" Grizzly Country

Missoula, Montana, Home Of "The Missoula Smoke Jupmers" When A Forest Fire Can't Be Reached By Conventional Means For Example Roads, The Smoke Jumpers - Jump Into The Forest Fires. Local Missoula Artist, Monte Dolack, Was Commissioned By Former Smoke Jumper Lowell Hanson, To Create: A print captures two smokejumpers descending on a jump spot near a forest fire in the mountains above famous Rock Creek,Montana For Sale HERE.

Print Above "Dancing Trout" By Monte Dolack, Also Used By Bayern Brewery Missoula, Montana. Bayern Brewery Blog HERE.

Monte Dolack, Was Recently Featured In An Article In The Missoulian. Monte Dolack's New Subject: The Fire That Changed Things Overnight, By Joe Nickel 19 June 2010.

One hundred years ago this summer, in the course of three terrifying days, the biggest wildfire in recorded American history swept over a vast swath of land in Idaho and Montana. Fueled by a bizarre weather event that sent winds of 65 to 70 mph northward from Colorado, the fire consumed a vast tract of forest, 185 miles long and 65 miles wide, stretching from the Nez Perce National Forest in Idaho, through the Clearwater to the Coeur d'Alene, eastward over the crest of the Bitterroot Mountains. There Is Also A Video Of Monte' Explaining His Newest Painting, And How It Came About. Keep Reading HERE.

Monte Dolack On Facebook.

Monte Dolack Art Gallery Missoula, Montana.

The Historic Wilma Theater, Click On The Grizzly Crossing Sign Above, To View Photo. Wilma Theater Built In 1921, Is On The U.S. National Register Of Historic Palaces.

I Remember Watching Movies At The Wilma Theater, They Even Had A Theater Downstairs The Cyrstal. Wilma Theater, Online HERE.

Mama Grizzly Fevah, Is Really Catching On.

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