Saturday, July 3, 2010

Keith Olbermann Fridays With Thurber

Fridays with Thurber continues
Fridays with Thurber continues

I had no idea that MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, had taken to reading the works of James Thurber, to his viewer(s) on Friday nights. Click on the link above to watch the video. What a novel concept. I was flipping through the channels last night - July 2nd, and was mesmerized, I didn't know Fridays was BYT - bring your own, Thurber night. Is this a complement to MSNBC's Mourning Joe's Starbucks placement? Is Keith Olbermann going for that coffee house vibe? I was really psyched to hear that Mr Olbermann takes request.

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Bimbo Sluts From Hell
By: James M Murphy

For some mysterious reason, the IPL Corporation is planning to bankrupt a recently acquired subsidiary, Rostor. All of Rostor's 256 original employees have a million dollars worth of stock they can't sell for three more years, and if IPL has its way, Rostor's stock will be wallpaper. Nancy Joseph has raised Rostor from birth, and she feels like IPL is murdering her baby. Thanks to Valium, she hasn't gone postal, but it is a thought. Then, inspired by one woman's subterfuge, Nancy organizes six women into a guerrilla band.

The Bimbo Sluts from Hell use deception, blackmail, rumor, rattlesnakes, rats, and an incontinent seagull to frustrate IPL's plans. With unintentional help from a lap dancer, a psychic, a homicidal anorexic, and a greedy evangelist, the insurrection gains momentum. Then IPL retaliates, and The Bimbo Sluts From Hell are stopped. All the employees look to Nancy to save their dreams. She has worked miracles before, can she do it again?

Depeche Mode "Enjoy The Silence"

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