Saturday, July 24, 2010

National Day Of The American Cowboy, 24 July 2010

American Cowboy Online Website

Fort Worth, Texas, City Of Cowboys and Culture. Dance With Fort Worth On Fox & Friends 24 July 2010. I Was Watching Them This Morning, Line Dancing On Fox & Friends.

I have tried to write some cowboy poetry myself. "Buck Fever" is difficult to describe, it's a condition that comes over hunters, a nervous loss of control when they first sight game.

Everyone talks about "Buck Fever" some hunters even deny they have ever experienced it. Somewhere locked away in our genetics is our hunter past, and when that Wild Game comes into sight, it wakes up that entity inside of us.....unfortunately today we don't want to own our inner hunter. Because that means we have to admit we are Predators, and not only that, we are pretty excited about our position at the top of the food chain.

It's when man denies parts of his nature, that he loses control of that same nature (suppressing) and his life is no longer in balance. We are being conditioned to believe, that some parts of human nature is "Bad" we give them labels like primitive, that's subjective reasoning. We are not larger than nature, and nature has always managed to trump our attempts at self defining ourselves apart from the influence of nature. I don't know why humans beings want to interfere with such an impressive system? I guess it's just our nature.

One of the many things I have noticed about Cowboys, they are comfortable in their own skin.

"Buck Fever"

My mouth has yet to taste the food that would fill it entirely
The craving has no rivalry
The pain, The thirst are unquenchable
My mind divorced from my senses, all that is left is futility
And I am blocked by my own close proximity

Yeah I Know......
Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear LOL!

Foremost Hunting Dot Com, There Ain't No Cure For Buck Fever.
When buck fever takes over the body, it causes multiple physical reactions, dry mouth, irritability, nausea, chills, mental lapse and sometimes spontaneous evacuation. In the lions case, the excitement just caused the young lion to lose composer. In Steve’s case he was pulling the trigger with the wrong finger. With me I was bewildered why the deer just stood there and the frustration blew my mind. Keep Reading HERE.

Madonna line dancing "Don't Tell Me"

Madonna likes poetry too.

Tell the bed not to lay
Like the open mouth of a grave, yeah
Not to stare up at me
Like a calf down on its knees

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