Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cheese Balls & The Mid Term Political Exam

Let's pop the lid off the Mid Term elections. Click on the graphic and remind yourself why unemployment is at a record high.

The Mid Term Congressional Elections are coming up 2 November 2010. We are 56 Days out, let's review who is running for the Senate, and the House, what the hell, here is a link to the Gubernatorial races.

Even grading on a curve a lot of people flunked voting 101 in the last major U.S. election. For a refresher "How Obama Got Elected
- Interviews With Obama Voters" . After I watched this video, the first time, my first reaction was boy we need nationwide civic seminars. The people being interviewed - couldn't answer the most fundamental questions about their own government. To be fair, even if they had been more informed, I believe they would have voted the same way anyway. They were high on Hope & Change. They were voting for Style over Substance. After reviewing again, I thought to myself, there needs to be an even more basic public voter education program. Actual fundamental instruction on vote casting, the purpose and the consequences. As our President has stated "Elections Have Consequences" There are at least two kinds of votes. A person can "Award' someone their vote, and a person can "Entrust" someone with their vote. What's the difference?

An example of "Awarding" someone with your vote, would be voting for your favorite idol on American Idol. You are asked to vote for the best "Talent" they win a "Prize". I am not a big American Idol fan, but I know they get a record contract. This means you as an Idol voter are participating in someone else receiving a prize from the "Private sector". It's harmless enough, it's not like you or your fellow American citizens are providing their prize, and some one benefits by your benevolence. There was even a movie about "Awarding" votes and a Presidential candidate who was in need of votes, it stared Dennis Quaid.

"American Dreamz 2006"
Imagine a country where the President never reads the newspaper, where the government goes to war for all the wrong reasons, and more people vote for a pop idol than their next President
. The plots too incredulous/SARC.

An example of "Entrusting" someone with your vote, would be voting for a political candidate for "Public office". This is different because the politician isn't going to be awarding prizes to anyone. Well the politician shouldn't be awarding prizes to anyone;)
The politician will be passing laws, and God willing performing Congressional oversight. This requires the voter to be more involved in the public process, because many people (fellow citizens) will be effected by the voters choice. If John McCain had looked like Brad Pitt, and sounded like George Clooney, would he have won the last election? Even so his politics would have stayed the same, and we would be living with his public policy choices. We as voters, would have "Entrusted" John McCain with our votes, to what end - to keep looking like a hot celebrity? It seems that's why we elected Barack Obama, perhaps he reminded us of Denzel Washington? The media and politicians, are not going to point out the difference in voting. They want your vote, any way they can get it. Informed - Uniformed, Style over Substance - okey dokey. A naive electorate works out just fine with them, in fact I believe they prefer the easily impressed, and often snookered. When you are "Entrusting" someone with your vote - it's not about benevolence it's about "Civic" responsibility. Turns out you, and your fellow American Citizen's tax money, will be awarded by the political candidate you vote for. Remember you vote them in, and they "Deem" who is worthy of your tax paying dollars largess.

I do admire some politician's
chutzpa. For example Louise Slaughter, New York's 28th district. She told reporters it was beneath her dignity, and the dignity of her office to hold town hall meetings. That's the equivalent of your employee telling you, "NO" I won't make the meeting you as an employer instructed her to attend. Then there was the "Slaughter House Rules" who can forget Deem & Pass. Louise Slaughter, insisted we had to pass that monstrosity of a health care bill, because she heard from a constituent, that she had to wear her dead sister's dentures..Eew. One sixth of the economy had to be legislated, because of one of Louise's constituents dental habits? If I was from NY's 28th, I wouldn't be bragging about voting in the Dental Dam;)

Representative Barney Frank (D) Mass, did hold town hall meetings. I have to confess a reticent respect for Barney Frank, he's got audacity coming out of the wazoo. Barney Frank feels so safe in his Congressional seat, he feels free to insult his constituents.

Who can forget Minnesota's Senate race A
l Franken finally won with the support of the Lizard faction. Many complained about this race but I think Minnesota is constantly sending D.C. a message "Did you get the klown we sent you?"

How about Representative Hank Johnson, Democrat, Georgia,
his concern about sending more troops to Guam. "My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize." What was Georgia's voters message? You don't like Cynthia McKinney kiss our ass :)

The American electorate is constantly sending D.C. messages, D.C. just isn't paying attention. It looks like the trend is sending them klowns.

A woman voted for Alvin Greene in the South Carolina Democrat Primary, because his name reminded her of Al Green the R & B Singer.

Joe Barton Republican Texas "Apologized To BP" after BP fouled the Gulf Coast- worse environmental accident in our history. Vice President Joe Biden comments on Joe Barton apology.......yeah it turns out just like you think it will.

Nancy Pelosi, there are too many, the Tea Party is astro turf, yada, yada, yada, We have to pass the health care bill to find out what's in it. The Catholic church hasn't decided when life begins......

Remember the woman who was voting for Barack Obama, because he was going to pay her mortgage and fill her gas tank? Good times, Good times.

Rasmussen Roundup. Presidential Approval Index: -20

Upitty Woman: Overall, I would say not even ACORN can fix this Acorn, I almost forgot about them, and their claim to fame, and mayhem. Rep Barney Frank, why he voted to stop public funding of Acorn HERE.

Public servants, they live off of other people's taxes, and when the election cycle rolls around, they remember the voters. For a short period of time, they remember who their employers are, who signs their checks. They count on the American voter's short attention span, but that's the great thing about nearly 10% unemployment. American voters have lots of time on their hands to reminisce, like remembering something our President once said "Elections Have Consequences". You Betcha -They Do!

It looks to me like we have more than a few class klowns, in the political class.
If you are a political candidate running for office, it's time to cram for your mid terms. Because the American voters are grading you on results, not your rhetoric. The people who "Awarded" votes last election cycle, are busy sofa diving for loose change this cycle. The rest of us are reviewing your GPAs.

David Bowie "Under Pressure"
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