Friday, September 10, 2010

Meghan McCain "The GOP Has A Public Relations Problem"

Imus's guest this morning, on Imus In The Morning, Meghan McCain. Meghan McCain, is a blogger for the Daily Beast. Meghan, recently wrote a book about the time she spent on her father John McCain's Presidential campaign. Meghan McCain's Book "Dirty, Sexy, Politics" was sitting at #290 on Amazon, and it's currently sitting at #276.....#260. Click on the above graphic to read more.

Meghan McCain, thinks that the Republican Party has a public relations problem. Ms McCain thinks the GOP is not appealing to younger voters. Perhaps the Grand Old Party is a bit dated, when was the last time they freshened their image? The Republicans think aping their opponents platform will make them more appealing? Why have a two party system? If we can't find a discernible difference between the two partys?

The issue of being relevant to voters today is being framed in the old argument of Conservative vs Liberal. In reality the issue is Progressive vs Libertarian. If the GOP can't adapt, it may find it's self on the endangered species list. Duplicating their opponents losing strategy is a sign of a party that has run out of ideas.

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