Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Imus Fisk Bill O'Reilly, Over His Muslim Comment, Bill O'Reilly "I Don't Object"

WHO IS IN IMUS'S FOX HOLE? Click The Graphic Below.

Check out Imus's Fox Business News Poll Question:
Do you think NPR should have fired Juan Williams for the comments he made about Muslims on The O'Reilly Factor? 97.32 polled NO.

Imus Tells Bill O'Reilly, If You Be Quiet, You Might Learn Somethin......Imus Schoolin O'Reilly.

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Imus Ranch Record II released today. Imus Ranch Record II, already among top downloads on iTunes.

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All proceeds go to the "Imus Ranch For Children With Cancer & Blood Disorders"

Sean Hannity, recommends "Imus Ranch Record II" you can find his interview with Imus, on Hannity Home Page HERE.

You Can't BE a Beacon If Your Light Don't Shine, Blind Boys Of Alabama.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christine O'Donnell, Trying To Break The Spell On Delaware

Click on the Graphics, It's getting scary Delaware, are you enjoying the economic malaise? Excited about voting in more mediocrity? Tim Geithner says unemployment is going to stay stagnant through 2011. The Democrats say there just hasn't been enough time to turn things around. How do I know? That's what the Mainstream Media keeps repeating (Democrat Talking Points). The United States is a Super Power, but you wouldn't know that by our GDP. India and Germany, have both had a significant rise in their GDPs, when did India become a Super Power?

What happened to American's prosperity? Remember the American Dream Delaware? It didn't have anything to do with waiting, and waiting, and waiting, on the government to take their Bigfoot off the necks of job creators. It may be true what Tim Geithner said, the unemployment rate may stagnate through 2011...... But according to the Democrats in the U.S. Congress, your taxes won't, they are going up.

Congress Delays Tax-Cut Battle Until After November's Election

Christine O'Donnell is running on a Fiscal Conservative platform....Chris Coons is running on a Real Time With Bill Maher gag reel platform. I really don't see what a comedy show has to do with Delawareans, and their families, friends and neighbor's futures? There are plenty of tricks being played this election season, don't fall for the old slight of hand Delaware. It's nothing but smoke and mirrors a distraction, and the mainstream media is a willing accomplice. If you are paying attention to the sideshow, you can't pay attention to what really effects you, Delaware, and the rest of your countrymen.

Christine O'Donnell is ahead in fund raising. Chris Coons, has had both the President and Vice President, come to Delaware to campaign for him, odd when other Democrat candidates shy a way from the President's uh help. If Delaware is in the win column, why is Chris Coons spending money on attack adds?


As has been reported Christine O'Donnell is has raised twice as much money ($3.8 million) as Coons in the last month. Again, as with Facebook, her massive 2-1 fund raising advantage is indicative of interest and intensity, which translates into voters on election day.


As I said, the public polls indicate that Coons is far ahead. Of course, the pollsters will admit that the accuracy of the polls is dependent on the accuracy of the turnout model. If the electorate is 37.4% Self identified conservative and 19% self identified liberal, as the 2009 Gallup numbers show for Delaware, 75% of the conservatives show up and vote for 'Donnell, while only 30% of the liberals show up (voting overwhelmingly for Coons), she needs only a decent showing with the moderates (who make up 40%)assuming they don't vote in greater proportions than the conservatives.

Rush Limbaugh thinks Chris Coons is in trouble....I think Rush is right.

Aretha Franklin & Annie Lennox "Sisters Are Doin It For Themselves"