Monday, November 14, 2011

Black Thursday - Retailers Response To Adbusters?

christmas pin up Pictures, Images and Photos

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, earlier, and earlier every year. Do you like cheese cake? Turns out there's an app for that. Brett Minieri Talks Pin Up Girls & Iphone Apps.

Adbusters is a pale pink psuedo marxist Canadian organization, that is against "consumerism". They are one of the organizations behind the Occupy Wall Street Movement. A Canadian anti-Capitalist, economic terrorist manufactured the Occupy Wall Street phenom, and has been pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

It looks like the Capitalist are finally punching back. Here is a link to the list of stores opening their doors on Thanksgiving evening to give consumers an opportunity to "consume" a day earlier than they would otherwise. Read More HERE, Black Thursday, stores opening doors on Thanksgiving Day.

The war on Christmas by the secular left, has gone from pissing, and moaning to occupying public, and private property. It's pretty obvious that merchants have just sent them a big wet raspberry. The problem with the anti capitalist - anti consumerism message, that is at the core of Occupy Wall Street movement. Is all the money, the banking issues, and high end products the OWS movement is known to be purchasing/consuming and using. I am not sure what one would get their favorite OWS protester for Christmas? Since they are anti consumerism, I guess all we can do is wish them a White Christmas ;) There are those who feel sorry for the OWS protesters, who insist on squatting out of doors in the harsh elements. I on the other hand feel, if it's good enough for our troops, it's good enough for wannabe socialist. No one is forcing them to squat on public, and private property, and they don't have to deal with IEDs or being targeted by terrorist.

10th Mountain Division Feb 2011 Afhanistan
U.S. and Afghan soldiers move through Kherwar district to prevent Taliban freedom of movement in Logar province, Afghanistan, Feb.12, 2011. The soldiers, assigned to the 10th Mountain Division's Company D, 2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, braved more than 3 feet of snow during the patrol. Photo by Sgt. Cooper T. Cash. Check Out More about our troops serving overseas HERE From OUT on the Porch

All gave some, and some gave all. You are welcome OWS movement. It's not some lame Canadian puppeteers, sitting in warm cozy comfort, that ensure your right to protest. It's the people who get up every morning put on the uniform of this country, and take the fight to our enemies. They are fighting real wars compared to self indulgent secularist, who make up excuses to make war against Christmas, and capitalism.

UPDATE: Local residents and business counter protest OWS movement at City Hall NYC.“Mayor Bloomberg is helping them stay,” read the fliers posted downtown.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Which Presidential Candidate Would You Most Like To Have A Beer With? "The Beer Goggles Edition"

Is it too early in the campaign season, to test for the every man candidate? It looks like President Obama has a leg up in this contest.

Reuters October 30,2011, Obama to middle class: Who loves you? This weekend there was no escaping who the Obama team’s message was aimed at. Obama used “middle class” five times in his radio broadcast on Saturday that cited a new report on U.S. income inequality from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. Axelrod said he expected the middle class to be crucial in Obama’s push to retain the White House next year. Senior White House adviser David Plouffe, appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” mentioned “the middle class” a whopping 15 times, with six of those references tied to tax cuts.

It must be campaign season, looks like Joe Six Pack is making a comeback. The current President of the United States Barack H Obama, takes the beer test seriously. The President has attended Beer Summits, he's thrown some back with the people, who put Beer on the Map. The President responded to a request by a decorated U.S. Military service person, to share a Beer at a meet up. The President has recently had a Beer with an unemployed man in Florida. The list of Beer photo ops is endless for President Obama. Does President Obama relate to the common man, aka Joe Six Pack or is President Obama, Joe Six Pack himself? President Obama, even makes his own Beer in the White House. This isn't a new tradition. Our 1st President George A Washington, also produced his own hoptastic beverage.

Let's run down the list of the Republican Presidential hopefuls. I am going to start with the Governors. My reasoning is, the candidates with executive experience, are going to have the edge in 2012. Our current President, came out of the United States Senate, with no previous executive experience. There is one current, and four past Governors running for President of the United States, on the Republican ticket. Gov Rick Perry, TX, former Governors, Mitt Romney MA, Jon Huntsman UT, Buddy Roemer LA, Gary Johnson NM.

Mitt "If you like your ethanol subsidies, you can keep your ethanol subsidies" Romney, has been flirting with front runner status since he declared. Unfortunately Mitt Romney's religion prohibits drinking alcohol, coffee, tea, anything that includes a stimulant, like cola beverages. The same goes for another Governor in the race, Jon "I consult experts" Huntsman. Both of these candidates have made their positions clear on Anthropgenic Global Warming. They both believe in the AGW phenomena. That being the case, dairy cows have been found to be one of the causes of the AGW due to methane, technocratic term - cow farts, so I am guessing sharing a glass of milk is out. This means we won't be able to gauge Gov Romney or Gov Huntsman's relatability status, Beer drinking to Joe Six Pack ratio.

Does Rick Perry drink Beer? Wholesale Beer distributors of Texas endorse Rick Perry for Governor of Texas in 2009. It seems his old alma mater are fond of their famous friend. From Texas on the Potomac, Rick Perry's drinking buddies talk about their Aggie spirit and their famous friend. If the Beer Conspiracy theories can be believed, the Beer Industry controls the Republican Party. Okay the Republican Party, finally scored some cool points. It's seems more than likely if you are buying, Rick Perry will throw down a cold one with you.

Does Buddy Roemer drink Beer? The NOLA Defender, Blood -Alcohol-Content, Stephen Colbert ribs Buddy Roemer. Beer drinking status in-determinant, but come on folks Roemer was the Governor of Louisiana, the home of "Laissez les bons temps rouler" I can't find a photo of him drinking Beer. Roemer get's cool points for being former Governor of the state, that gave us New Orleans. New Orleans, that put the biggest reason to party on the map, Mardi Gras.

Does Gary Johnson drink Beer? According to this article he no longer drinks or smokes. Turns out Gary Johnson was more into herbals :) Outside "Failure To Launch" by Nick Heil, Sept 8.2011. I had been on hand for Johnson’s announcement, seen him on Fox and MSNBC, listened to him on NPR, and chatted with him for hours about his campaign, but I still had to remind myself that the guy standing before me in his birthday suit was running for president. President! I opened a beer (Johnson no longer drinks or smokes—“Bad choices,” he says), and we adjourned to the deck and climbed into the warm water. Short answer No.

Does Herman Cain (private sector businessman) drink Beer? I don't know but he is smokin.

Does former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich drink Beer? The Lousy Canuck...because I don't watch enough hockey, drink enough beer or eat enough bacon.....Joe Half A Pack Canuck? Short answer for Newt Gingrich, if you don't drink Beer, you might want to start. Who cares what the puck, the Canadians think?

Does Representative Michelle Bachmann drink Beer? Michelle once attacked her Democrat challenger, stating she would raise taxes on bacon, and beer. Shame on you Tarryl Clark. She probably voted for mandating cervical cancer vaccines for young girls too/

Does Representative Ron Paul drink Beer? I can't tell, but he does have a support group on facebook: Beer Drinkers For Ron Paul. Somehow that makes perfect sense.

One Burbon, One Scotch, One Beer!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Governor Rick Perry "Onward Christian Solider"

First Lady of Texas Anita Perry, has stated, that her husband is being attacked "brutalized" in her own words by her husband's own political party, and the media. The reason for this she believes is because her husband, Governor Rick Perry is a Christian, and a Conservative.

Governor Perry has given his reasons for entering the race for the U.S. Presidency. The reason that I remember is his discussion with his wife. They discussed the shape the country is in, and the continuing high unemployment, and economic downward spiral. Mrs Perry, is worried about the shape our country is in, and believes her husband could turn things around given the opportunity.

Before Governor Perry announced his intentions to run for President he held a prayer convention called "The Response".

"What has delayed his entry has been organizing a staff, readying fund raising and "The Response," which won tons of media coverage—not all friendly—over the weekend. Associates said it gave Perry a chance to reach out to evangelicals and conservatives and they gave him credit for doing so in a sober way."

I don't know what the Perry's were expecting when Governor Rick Perry, announced his intentions to run for President of the U.S.A. He mentioned that he thought things were going to get "pretty ugly". Perry warns Bernanke: It could get "Pretty Ugly" in Texas.

The most striking line of the 2012 presidential campaign so far has come from Texas Gov. Rick Perry. "I'll work every day to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can," God Bless You Rick Perry, we can hear you loud and clear.

I am an Independent, and the RNC is misreading Independent voter's concerns/issues again. Apparently the RNC is still waging the last war - 2008. They want to run a clone of Barack Obama against President Barack Obama. We have had another election since 2008, the mid term election of 2010, had the Independents swinging back to the right. Why? The TEA party fiscal conservative -small government message. Rick Perry has good political instincts, and he has a good bead on the "present" concerns of the American people.

Governor Rick Perry has donned the mantle of the Christian Conservative candidate for President of the United States. The Armor of God cannot be taken up, and or discarded lightly. The Perry's look battle weary already. Instead of happily carrying their banner of faith into the political arena, they look discouraged. I would remind the Perrys, that nothing worth winning ever comes easy. The Perry's should take a page out of the Blues Brother's book ;)

Rick Perry has taken dings and dents since he entered the presidential race, but he's still standing, and he hasn't been bowed, even after a volley of attacks from rivals, and political opponents. That's the power of God's Armor.

Rick Perry For President 2012 Website: Rick Perry 2012 "It's Time To Get America Working Again"
Collective Soul "Hints, Allegations, And Things Left Unsaid" SHINE

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Zombie Meal Planner - This Is Your Brain

This is what your brain looks like. This is what my brain looks like. A brain is a terrible thing to waste. Remember only Zombies don't think for themselves. Like to share what's on your mind? I realize we aren't all going to make it, and for those who do succumb to the group think virus, there's an app for that. Famous for their brains and eggs, The Ox or Oxford Saloon, located in downtown Missoula, Montana. I am not sure whether the Ox has take out? Feeding your brains since 1883, All You Zombies.

Here is something you won't find on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Guy Fieri, Food Network. Zombie Meal Time.

Where's Your Head At?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blazing Occupiers - The Firebagger's False Front

blazing saddles fake town Pictures, Images and Photos

I have been watching the coverage of "Occupy Wall Street" in fact the Occupy anything movement is all over facebook. Here is a link to "Occupy Canada". To each their own, but Occupy Canada, talk about jumping the great white land shark. What exactly would the argument be to want to Occupy Canada again?

I was reading this post on Hot Air by Allahpundit, Van Jones: It's time for an "American Autumn? in the spirit of the Arab Spring. My first thought was, bless Allah's heart, he's trying to squeeze some more juice from the Van Jones media turnip. Glenn Beck milked that green jobs huckster for everything he was worth. For some reason Van Jones decided to surface, to add his two cents, to the evils of capitalism narrative. Why now? I thought about it, the Obama administration, has had it's problems, with what his ex press secretary, Robert Gibbs, dubbed "The Professional Left" and recently the hard left has received the new moniker "Firebaggers" for the ultra liberal firedoglake. Occupying is the new trend, surely this is a sign, we are well into the 2012 campaign season. What purpose could it serve for Van Jones, to resurface now? I suspect a diversion, media manipulation really isn't that difficult, especially with a cooperative corporate media. While the public is focusing on Van Jones, they are not focusing on the green energy initiative fiasco. It's an old illusionist trick, sleight of hand, focusing attention on one hand ,while using the other hand to pull off the trick. It's really not that difficult to figure out what's behind the media manipulation, always follow the money Green Backs.

With the presidential election coming up, and the Obama administration unpopular with the professional left, it sure would be helpful to construct some kind of movement, to show the hard left aka Barack Obama's base, that they are all pursuing the same agenda. But as the old saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day. I have been watching footage from "Occupy Wall Street" it appears that generation unwashed, showed up. They may be confused, they may be deluded, but when you're running for reelection, and trying to put up a false front for your base, you make due with what shows up. No I am not worried about Van Jones, and Oktober, although I can see how that would help the Republicans herd the paranoid into their pens (Fear mongering making a comeback). I am amused, that the progressive left keeps ripping off Mel Brooks. This is the best they can come up with? Herding the vocationally unoccupied, out in front of the New York Stock Exchange? Meanwhile unbeknownst to firedoglake, Jamie Dimon head of JP Morgan Chase, adviser to President Barack Obama, and limousine liberal, is meeting with so called conservative businessman Mitt Romney, Republican presidential hopeful. I think the far left, and right in this country are letting the space between their ears be occupied by a false front-artificial narrative, that doesn't stand up to close scrutiny. They could try looking past the superficial media explanations, and think for themselves, but the odds of that happening are slim to none . I've seen that movie too. Apparently Sean Hannity & Bill O'Reilly, have figured out, this isn't the Bolshevik revolution. It does however keep the proles occupied ;)

Bart is given twenty-four hours to come up with a "brilliant plan to save our town." He gathers the town, along with the railroad workers, three miles east of Rock Ridge to build a fake town as a diversion. The workers labor all night to complete their task. After the sun rises, the fake town is a perfect replica, right down to the orange roof on Howard Johnson's outhouse. Bart realizes the town has no people in it, so it won't fool Lamarr's villains. Bart orders the townspeople to make "exact replicas of themselves," and leaves with Jim and Mongo to execute a plan that will slow the villains "to a crawl." The three construct a tollbooth labeled "Le Petomane Thruway"; upon seeing it, Taggart asks, "now what will that asshole think of next?" Since no one in the raiding party is carrying any change, Taggart sends someone back to town to "get a shitload of dimes."

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Imus Guest Chris Wallace, The GOP & The Theater Of The Absurd

The above is a graphic of a rare snow bull. Apparently the Republican party has decided to try, and snow the American electorate with their bull-shit. What is the GOP's answer to unpopular Democrat policies? Run a Republican candidate to the left of President Obama. The GOP can't understand why the base isn't enthused with their choices. Given the state of our country, our economy, and the response to the TEA party by the Republican establishment. It might be time to think about taking up drinking- seriously. Dear GOP, call me when you're sober serious.

Imus guest this morning, on Imus In The Morning, Chris Wallace said, it looks like the Republican base is unhappy with their choices for the Republican nomination. Mitt Romney can't poll above 25% that leaves 75% who want someone else for their Presidential nominee. Chris Wallace, made reference to the Republican base "Waiting For Godot". The play by Samuel Beckett, that is performed in the Theater Of The Absurd. The Republicans still haven't found who they're looking for.

FNC's Chris Wallace on what Republicans are looking for in a 2012 candidate, and his take on Mitt Romney's bid for the nomination.

So don't worry about tomorrow
Take it today
Forget about the cheque
We'll get hell to pay.......

Call Me When You're Sober

Come find me -
no way am I waiting around for the Republicans to deliver Godot.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Imus Guest Bill O'Reilly "Killing Lincoln"

Imus In The Morning, Imus guest Bill O'Reilly,thinks that Abraham Lincoln was the greatest leader this country has ever had. Lincoln was certainly tested during his time as President.

My personal opinion, Lincoln has been lionized, popular accounts of his life, and Presidency have been sanitized for the masses. Was Abraham Lincoln a significant President in our history? I don't think that's even debatable, he did keep the Union together. Many of Lincoln's shortcomings, and controversial opinions on slavery for instance, do not get the same attention, and focus as Lincoln's positive accomplishments. To get a picture of who Lincoln the man was during his times, it's important to take into account, his negatives as well as his positives. I have witnessed modern historians lionizing, sanitizing Lincoln, for example a group of Lincolnphiles. I have witnessed the same behavior with Jacksonphiles, Indian removal ( Cherokee removal Georgia, Jackson “Build a fire under them. When it gets hot enough, they'll move.) Spinning historical Presidencies through the sentimental politically correct prism-ism of today's modern trends, entertaining, but are they accurate? How do I know that our current written watered down politically correct histories are producing historical illiterates?

If you would like to discuss, The Civil War, there is a facebook page The American Civil War - A Roundtable

Virgil Cain is my name.....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Fairfax Family Genealogy Group

The Fairfax Family History, An American Love Story. The First President Of United States, George Augustine Washington, Both Worked For & Employed Fairfax Members Of The Fairfax Families.

Gilling Castle Ancestral Home Of The Fairfax Family

Frieze From Gilling Castle 1575-1585 Guitar Player - Ancient Music Lovers

Fairfax Family Genealogy Yahoo Group.This group is for genealogical purposes. Family history, research, and compilation of genealogical records for the surname Fairfax. General discussion of the Fairfax family's history, and their descendants. Repository for Fairfax family genealogical records, photos, links, misc.

Fairfax Family Motto: Dare Fac - Say it then do it.

Famous Fairfax Descendants Prince William, and Kate Middleton, Find Out More HERE Fairfax Society.

Fairfax Family Genealogy Yahoo Group You Can Join Us HERE.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thaddeus McCotter, The Media & Reindeer Games

The purpose of a political primary election, is to determine who will be the respective political party's nominee, in the general election. During the primary season, the declared candidates will, attend political rallies, debates, kiss babies, lots, and lots of babies, they will appear on television, radio, and give interviews in what is described as a vetting process. Basically it's an opportunity for members of different political parties in this case the Republicans, to kick the tires, look under the hood, and slam the doors of the declared Presidential hopefuls. During this process, the candidates will be narrowed down through a process of elimination.

Which brings us to Representative Thaddeus McCotter, declared candidate for the Presidency of the United States, the media, and reindeer games.
"Refers to any fun activities which are enjoyed only by members of a clique, the fact of which is often purposefully made obvious to anyone existing outside of said clique in order to make them feel inadequate and left-out. Refers to "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer".

Rep Thaddeus McCotter, has been left out of the last Republican debate. In fact he's not been able to participate in any of the Republican debates to date. Rep McCotter, and a few others are not meeting the Media's standard for inclusion into Republican debates. The standard required is to be polling at least at 4% in the Republican primary polls. The reason this standard was adopted as an industry standard is unclear. It appears that NBC network used it as their standard, and it became adopted by the other networks. Obviously our country has held elections before there ever was television, networks, and the media deciding for the electorate who they will watch and listen to in political debates. The media loves to pick our candidates for us.

Currently to meet the media's high standards, for inclusion into their debates: You are only required to make outrageous unsubstantiated claims, for instance "Gardasil vaccine cause retardation". And if you get some blow back, double down on your alleged 3rd hand heresy. It helps when holding political rallies, to mention American icons, and "Wish them a happy birthday on the anniversary of their death" You could highlight your social values. "Gay people can be cured of homosexuality through prayer". You might want to point out what you have in common with other famous Americans.

Thaddeus McCotter doesn't have a prayer of meeting the media standards. When the issue of Social Security, and it's solvency was questioned, McCotter responded with his plan to save the Social Security program HERE. I know what you're thinking, I don't think he get's it either. The people in this country are concerned with high chronic unemployment, the economy, and the long term viability of our social safety net - the future of entitlements. Sooo..... Shouldn't he be commenting about how orangy Jon Huntsman looked at the last debates? Surely Huntsman is using some toxic brand of spray on tan, that the FDA should never have approved. Why doesn't McCotter point out how dangerous our northern border has become? Has anyone noticed what's been crossing into the United States, from Canada lately? Canada, the great pink threat to the north, that everyone ignores. Romney was endorsed by Pawlenty, and Perry was endorsed by Jindal. Could McCotter land the most coveted endorsement of them all "The Motor City Mad Man". It wouldn't hurt if McCotter, would try portraying himself as a risk taker. McCotter, I dare you to sit through a film retrospective of your fellow Michigander. If only McCotter would stop running his campaign by responding to the urgent challenges facing Americans. And started accusing the other Republican candidates of a multitude of irrational, not fully thought out, real and or imagined political sins...maybe just maybe, the media would include him in their debates, not to be confused with public debates. The media would include him for no other reason than the entertainment value, and ratings. Because let's not kid ourselves folks, as a friend of mine recently remarked, Joplin Tornado Survivor - David Bell: A media event does not = a debate. Amen Brother Amen.

Thaddeus McCotter

It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll

Ridin' down the highway
Goin' to a show
Stop in all the by-ways
Playin' rock 'n' roll
Gettin' robbed
Gettin' stoned
Gettin' beat up
Broken boned
Gettin' had
Gettin' took
I tell you folks
It's harder than it looks

It's a long way to the top
If you wanna rock 'n' roll
It's a long way to the top
If you wanna rock 'n' roll............

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th, 2001 "A Room With A View"

Imus Guest, Bill White remembers his response to the September 11th 2001, terrorist attacks, orchestrated by Osama Bin Laden. It turns out that Bill White was correct about OBL's television viewing habits. Three days after the attack the folks at the Intrepid decided to change the picture of what OBL, would be watching on his television.

September 9, 2011

Placing a Flag at Ground Zero

When our political leaders are ending their 9-11 memorial speeches today, asking for God's Blessing for our country, it's important to remember all the blessings he's already gifted us. Three Hundred and Forty Three, rushed into towers turned into hell on earth, and never returned. May God Bless them, and all the people who were murdered on September 11th 2001. We Will Never Forget.

Friday, September 9, 2011

TGIF, The Political Circus Edition - Make It Fast, Make It URGENT

The level of American's naivete and gullibility are endearing qualities. They are part of our culture's charm. Except when we are circling the drain.

Don't take any wooden nickels was a popular saying back during the Great Depression. It was an admonishment to the huckleberries - the country rubes, not to be duped by the city slickers. It's still good advice today. Basically, don't let yourself be cheated or duped by fast talking hucksters.

I watched the President's speech given to the joint session of congress. Presenting the overview of his new bill - The American Jobs Act. During President Obama's, he repeated pass this bill 17 times, without explaining specifically, what the bill would entail. How much "The American Jobs Act" would cost or how it would be paid for. The President expressed the urgent need to pass a bill, that he won't be explaining the specifics of, the "nickles and dimes" for a couple more weeks.

President Obama told Congress it's time to "stop the political circus and actually do something to help the economy."

If this bill needs passed so urgently, why hasn't it been given to both branches of congress to read? The current price tag of "The American Jobs Act" is 437 billion dollars. Remember, don't take any wooden nickles ;)

You're not shy, you get around
You wanna fly, dont want your feet on the ground
You stay up, you wont come down

You wanna live, you wanna move to the sound.....

You play tricks on my mind
You're everywhere but you're so hard to find
You're not warm or sentimental
You're so extreme, you can be so temperamental.......

You say its urgent
Make it fast, make it urgent
Do it quick, do it urgent
Gotta rush, make it urgent
Want it quick
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
So urgent, emergency
Emergency... emergency... emergency...
It's urgent...........

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Imus Guest, Michael Graham, Has A Brokeback Moment "Pretty Excited About Rick Perry"

Imus guest this morning, on Imus in the Morning, was Michael Graham of 96.9 Boston Talks. Michael Graham discusses the Republican debate that was held last night on MSNBC. Hosted by Brian Williams and Politico's Harris - I can't be bothered to find out his first name, and what his schtick happens to be... frankly, I just don't care.

Michael Graham, thinks Governor Rick Perry, is the real deal. It's important to remember that Michael Graham is leading the "Anyone but Romney for President" movement. Michael Graham was so happy with Governor Rick Perry's debate performance last night, he want's to tongue kiss him.

You can watch the interview below. Imus In The Morning Official Website HERE.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Don't Waste Your Time Giving Books To Zombies "They Just Chew On The Covers"

Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Let's face it we're not all gonna make it. In case of a zombie bite, you don't want to make the usual zombie faux pas. Social media is not going to make the transition any easier. The inevitable zombie self help guide can be found HERE. Yeah, like they don't already just help themselves.

If you are still clinging to your humanity, here are some existential quandaries you may be faced with.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Congress Spreads Fertilizer - Reaps What It Sows

We know how the American people think about the size of the Federal Government's Debt. We know how the credit agencies think about the size of the U.S. Federal Government's Debt. But for some unknown reason, the actual employees of the Federal Government, don't seem to notice. Even when we have a 14.2 plus trillion dollar national debt.

Fox News Network, Geraldo Rivera, and Fox Business News Bernard McGuirk, both offer their plans to solve the debt crisis. Click On Link for Video HERE.

The U.S. Congress, can't reach a bipartisan plan to solve our unsustainable national debt crisis. They truly are turning the U.S Capitol into a shop of horrors.

Getting our lawmakers to actually follow the will of the American People is like pulling teeth.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter's Bone "Hillbilly Noir"

Winter's Bone

Click On The Graphic - Go To Official Website.

What happens in the woods - stays in the woods. Winter's Bone, is a well directed, character driven portrayal of life and choices in the backwoods. The movie is based on the book by author Daniel Woodrell, a resident of West Plains, located in the Ozarks. Winter's Bone has been nominated for four Oscars, directed by Debra Granik. This Indy movie is very well made. The director manages to get the audience to care about what happens to a Meth Addict, and his family. The scourge that is Meth production, and addiction in rural America is well documented. The movie doesn't waste time preaching about the evils of Meth. Winter's Bone is a movie about women, and absent adults.

There are two quotes in this movie that stuck with me. Ree Dolly, admonishes her distant kin:

"Some of our blood at least is the same. Ain't that supposed to mean something?"

The second quote comes from the feral matriarchal figure: "You Were Warned, Why didn't you listen?"
I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone. The quote comes after an incident, when the main character Ree Dolly, was told not to pursue the where abouts of her father.

Winter's Bone is a movie about survival, and the conditions that mold a person into a survivor. I have read comments like, the main character's strength at Seventeen Years Of Age is not believable, because no one could be that strong. Perhaps if the character was being motivated by fear that would be true. The main characters motivation isn't fear - it's survival. Survival trumps fear, in this account of a teenager, that has to become an adult before her time, because of her parent's life choices. When confronted with a huge challenge, Ree Dolly decides to be actively involved in the outcome of her own fate - not a bystander waiting for rescue.

And to answer Ree Dolly's question "Yes, Blood Ties Do Mean Something"

Life in the sticks, isn't for the tame or timid. I highly recommend this movie.

Alice In Chains "Don't Follow"

Say Goodbye Don't Follow.....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Jersey Democrats Trying To Snowball Governor Chris Christie

NRO O Governor,Where Art Thou, By Robert Costa, Dec 27,2010.

Gov. Chris Christie (R., N.J.) is catching heat from New Jersey Democrats over his administration’s handling of the blizzard. ABC News reports:

In New Jersey, where a post-Christmas blizzard dumped as much as 30 inches of snow in some parts of the state, the website PolitickerNJ reports that “some lawmakers Monday were grumbling” that Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, as well as Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno, also a Republican, “were on vacation at the same time,” leaving state Senate President Steve Sweeney – a Democrat – as the state’s Acting Governor.

State Sen. Ray Lesniak, Democrat, chided the two for not better coordinating their calendars, noting that state Office of Emergency Management officials “aren’t allowed to go on vacation at the same time.”

Lesniak then took the opportunity to slam Guadagno. “I supported the creation of a Lt. Gov.,” said Lesniak. “That was a mistake. We clearly don’t need one.”


Click On Graphics For More Information.

Why shouldn't the Governor of New Jersey get a family vacation? Wasn't the President of the United States on vacation in Hawaii? Was D.C. bereft of any need of snow removal?

I get why people are upset with Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC., if you are a New Yorker attempting to salt your food he is all over you....but is he johnny on the spot when it comes to salting your roads? Not so much.

Snow happens, who is in charge of snow removal in New Jersey? Really the Governor of the state is in charge of snow removal? This must be the first time it ever snowed in New Jersey, and no one knew what to do SARC. It looks like Governor Christie, is coming home to a snowball fight. This is the best Democrats in the state of New Jersey can come up with? It reminds me of when hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, and Democrat Governor Blanco, was on vacation.....oh wait no she wasn't, she was in the Governor's mansion, she had already declared an emergency on August 26th. I remember the media blamed Blanco, for her response to the hurricane. Oh that's right they blamed President George W Bush, for the federal government's response to the aftermath of the hurricane Katrina. Does that mean New Jersey snow removal was President Obama's responsibility? I guess he shouldn't have taken that family vacation to Hawaii. Ah Democrats always trying to roll snow up hill, that's not the general direction of what commonly rolls down hill.

Governor Chris Christie, Anybody can get me any minute of any day, given the way we communicate now, by cell phone or text message or twitter for God's sake.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year - Life Is Da Bombe Edition

A New Year's greeting from America Plum,

Good morning, I thought I would write a day early and say Happy 2011 ! Oh my, what a cold end to the year ! Yesterday we woke up to 12 degrees, this morning it is 8 degrees.

Before the cold front came in, we had a nice moist snow this week, picture of snow bear below.

It's so cold in Idaho. How cold is it? The Bears are frozen stiff, and posing for photos. Below Cinnamon Bear, and although Sarah Palin was born in Idaho, you're not going to find this Bear featured on "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

Last night we had friends over to watch the show Who's Killing the Great Chef's of Europe. At the end of the show they try to kill the Pastry Chef with a bomb in her bombe, so I made a bombe for dessert, picture below also.

Life Is Da Bombe "Death By Chocolate - It's Just Desserts" America Plum's Bombe Making Recipe ;)

This is the cake, mousse next, the ganache.

The bombe was fashioned after Marcel Desaulniers’ (author of Death by Chocolate Cakes) Frozen Chocoalte Oh-Honey So-Fluffy Mousse Bombe.

Here are the recipes I used, not all exact to his.

The cake I used is Hershey’s perfectly chocolate cake. The recipe batter comes out thin, it is supposed to be. ½ of this recipe will be used for making the bombe, freeze the other cake layer for some other project, I don’t like trying to halve recipes. 350 degree oven. 2 nine inch greased and floured cake pans, must be 9 inch or recipe will over flow. Bake about 35 minutes.

2 C sugar

1-3/4 C flour

3/4C Hershey's cocoa

1-1/2 tsp baking powder

1-1/2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

2 eggs

1 C milk

½ C vegetable oil

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 C boiling water

Mix all pour in pans and bake.

Oh so fluffy mousse

5 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chopped up

¼ C warm water

¼ cup honey

4 Tbsp granulated sugar

3 large egg whites

2 Cups heavy cream

Melt chocolate put in bowl. In a pan bring water, honey and 2 Tblsp sugar to boil at soft ball stage. Turn off. Beat egg whites in bowl until soft peaks form, add boiling sugar mixture slowly, beating on high, beat until very thick. Fold chocolate into egg mixture. Next in clean bowl beat whip cream into whip cream. Then fold cream into chocolate/egg mixture.

Reserve 2 Cups mousse for next mousse.

Chocolate Pecan Mousse

3 ounces coarsely chopped semi-sweet chocolate melted

1 C pecans broken up

2 C fluffy mousse

Fold altogether


8 ounces semisweet chocolate chopped

½ C heavy cream

¼ C honey

2 Tbsp unsalted butter

Put chocolate in bowl, put other 3 ingredients in pan, bring to a boil and then pour over chocolate to melt and stir until smooth.

Creating the Bombe

Line a bowl with plastic wrap. Add oh so fluffy mousse. Add pecan mousse, press cake on top of mousse so air bubbles do not form. Freeze at least 6 hours. Take out of freezer, turn upside down on baking sheet equipped with wire rack. Remove all plastic wrap. Spoon glaze over top and move to cake plate. Freeze another 20 minutes, at least before serving. Decorate as desired. If getting fancy maybe use those tubes of cookie frosting in Supermarkets. I used left over glaze and a star tip.

Good Luck, America Plum

Trailer "Who's Killing The Great Chef's Of Europe"

That's about it for now, I hope you all enjoy the New Year - From the Plums In Idaho.