Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Jersey Democrats Trying To Snowball Governor Chris Christie

NRO O Governor,Where Art Thou, By Robert Costa, Dec 27,2010.

Gov. Chris Christie (R., N.J.) is catching heat from New Jersey Democrats over his administration’s handling of the blizzard. ABC News reports:

In New Jersey, where a post-Christmas blizzard dumped as much as 30 inches of snow in some parts of the state, the website PolitickerNJ reports that “some lawmakers Monday were grumbling” that Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, as well as Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno, also a Republican, “were on vacation at the same time,” leaving state Senate President Steve Sweeney – a Democrat – as the state’s Acting Governor.

State Sen. Ray Lesniak, Democrat, chided the two for not better coordinating their calendars, noting that state Office of Emergency Management officials “aren’t allowed to go on vacation at the same time.”

Lesniak then took the opportunity to slam Guadagno. “I supported the creation of a Lt. Gov.,” said Lesniak. “That was a mistake. We clearly don’t need one.”


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Why shouldn't the Governor of New Jersey get a family vacation? Wasn't the President of the United States on vacation in Hawaii? Was D.C. bereft of any need of snow removal?

I get why people are upset with Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC., if you are a New Yorker attempting to salt your food he is all over you....but is he johnny on the spot when it comes to salting your roads? Not so much.

Snow happens, who is in charge of snow removal in New Jersey? Really the Governor of the state is in charge of snow removal? This must be the first time it ever snowed in New Jersey, and no one knew what to do SARC. It looks like Governor Christie, is coming home to a snowball fight. This is the best Democrats in the state of New Jersey can come up with? It reminds me of when hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, and Democrat Governor Blanco, was on vacation.....oh wait no she wasn't, she was in the Governor's mansion, she had already declared an emergency on August 26th. I remember the media blamed Blanco, for her response to the hurricane. Oh that's right they blamed President George W Bush, for the federal government's response to the aftermath of the hurricane Katrina. Does that mean New Jersey snow removal was President Obama's responsibility? I guess he shouldn't have taken that family vacation to Hawaii. Ah Democrats always trying to roll snow up hill, that's not the general direction of what commonly rolls down hill.

Governor Chris Christie, Anybody can get me any minute of any day, given the way we communicate now, by cell phone or text message or twitter for God's sake.

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