Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter's Bone "Hillbilly Noir"

Winter's Bone

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What happens in the woods - stays in the woods. Winter's Bone, is a well directed, character driven portrayal of life and choices in the backwoods. The movie is based on the book by author Daniel Woodrell, a resident of West Plains, located in the Ozarks. Winter's Bone has been nominated for four Oscars, directed by Debra Granik. This Indy movie is very well made. The director manages to get the audience to care about what happens to a Meth Addict, and his family. The scourge that is Meth production, and addiction in rural America is well documented. The movie doesn't waste time preaching about the evils of Meth. Winter's Bone is a movie about women, and absent adults.

There are two quotes in this movie that stuck with me. Ree Dolly, admonishes her distant kin:

"Some of our blood at least is the same. Ain't that supposed to mean something?"

The second quote comes from the feral matriarchal figure: "You Were Warned, Why didn't you listen?"
I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone. The quote comes after an incident, when the main character Ree Dolly, was told not to pursue the where abouts of her father.

Winter's Bone is a movie about survival, and the conditions that mold a person into a survivor. I have read comments like, the main character's strength at Seventeen Years Of Age is not believable, because no one could be that strong. Perhaps if the character was being motivated by fear that would be true. The main characters motivation isn't fear - it's survival. Survival trumps fear, in this account of a teenager, that has to become an adult before her time, because of her parent's life choices. When confronted with a huge challenge, Ree Dolly decides to be actively involved in the outcome of her own fate - not a bystander waiting for rescue.

And to answer Ree Dolly's question "Yes, Blood Ties Do Mean Something"

Life in the sticks, isn't for the tame or timid. I highly recommend this movie.

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