Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Fairfax Family Genealogy Group

The Fairfax Family History, An American Love Story. The First President Of United States, George Augustine Washington, Both Worked For & Employed Fairfax Members Of The Fairfax Families.

Gilling Castle Ancestral Home Of The Fairfax Family

Frieze From Gilling Castle 1575-1585 Guitar Player - Ancient Music Lovers

Fairfax Family Genealogy Yahoo Group.This group is for genealogical purposes. Family history, research, and compilation of genealogical records for the surname Fairfax. General discussion of the Fairfax family's history, and their descendants. Repository for Fairfax family genealogical records, photos, links, misc.

Fairfax Family Motto: Dare Fac - Say it then do it.

Famous Fairfax Descendants Prince William, and Kate Middleton, Find Out More HERE Fairfax Society.

Fairfax Family Genealogy Yahoo Group You Can Join Us HERE.

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