Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Imus Guest Bill O'Reilly "Killing Lincoln"

Imus In The Morning, Imus guest Bill O'Reilly,thinks that Abraham Lincoln was the greatest leader this country has ever had. Lincoln was certainly tested during his time as President.

My personal opinion, Lincoln has been lionized, popular accounts of his life, and Presidency have been sanitized for the masses. Was Abraham Lincoln a significant President in our history? I don't think that's even debatable, he did keep the Union together. Many of Lincoln's shortcomings, and controversial opinions on slavery for instance, do not get the same attention, and focus as Lincoln's positive accomplishments. To get a picture of who Lincoln the man was during his times, it's important to take into account, his negatives as well as his positives. I have witnessed modern historians lionizing, sanitizing Lincoln, for example a group of Lincolnphiles. I have witnessed the same behavior with Jacksonphiles, Indian removal ( Cherokee removal Georgia, Jackson “Build a fire under them. When it gets hot enough, they'll move.) Spinning historical Presidencies through the sentimental politically correct prism-ism of today's modern trends, entertaining, but are they accurate? How do I know that our current written watered down politically correct histories are producing historical illiterates?

If you would like to discuss, The Civil War, there is a facebook page The American Civil War - A Roundtable

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