Sunday, October 30, 2011

Which Presidential Candidate Would You Most Like To Have A Beer With? "The Beer Goggles Edition"

Is it too early in the campaign season, to test for the every man candidate? It looks like President Obama has a leg up in this contest.

Reuters October 30,2011, Obama to middle class: Who loves you? This weekend there was no escaping who the Obama team’s message was aimed at. Obama used “middle class” five times in his radio broadcast on Saturday that cited a new report on U.S. income inequality from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. Axelrod said he expected the middle class to be crucial in Obama’s push to retain the White House next year. Senior White House adviser David Plouffe, appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” mentioned “the middle class” a whopping 15 times, with six of those references tied to tax cuts.

It must be campaign season, looks like Joe Six Pack is making a comeback. The current President of the United States Barack H Obama, takes the beer test seriously. The President has attended Beer Summits, he's thrown some back with the people, who put Beer on the Map. The President responded to a request by a decorated U.S. Military service person, to share a Beer at a meet up. The President has recently had a Beer with an unemployed man in Florida. The list of Beer photo ops is endless for President Obama. Does President Obama relate to the common man, aka Joe Six Pack or is President Obama, Joe Six Pack himself? President Obama, even makes his own Beer in the White House. This isn't a new tradition. Our 1st President George A Washington, also produced his own hoptastic beverage.

Let's run down the list of the Republican Presidential hopefuls. I am going to start with the Governors. My reasoning is, the candidates with executive experience, are going to have the edge in 2012. Our current President, came out of the United States Senate, with no previous executive experience. There is one current, and four past Governors running for President of the United States, on the Republican ticket. Gov Rick Perry, TX, former Governors, Mitt Romney MA, Jon Huntsman UT, Buddy Roemer LA, Gary Johnson NM.

Mitt "If you like your ethanol subsidies, you can keep your ethanol subsidies" Romney, has been flirting with front runner status since he declared. Unfortunately Mitt Romney's religion prohibits drinking alcohol, coffee, tea, anything that includes a stimulant, like cola beverages. The same goes for another Governor in the race, Jon "I consult experts" Huntsman. Both of these candidates have made their positions clear on Anthropgenic Global Warming. They both believe in the AGW phenomena. That being the case, dairy cows have been found to be one of the causes of the AGW due to methane, technocratic term - cow farts, so I am guessing sharing a glass of milk is out. This means we won't be able to gauge Gov Romney or Gov Huntsman's relatability status, Beer drinking to Joe Six Pack ratio.

Does Rick Perry drink Beer? Wholesale Beer distributors of Texas endorse Rick Perry for Governor of Texas in 2009. It seems his old alma mater are fond of their famous friend. From Texas on the Potomac, Rick Perry's drinking buddies talk about their Aggie spirit and their famous friend. If the Beer Conspiracy theories can be believed, the Beer Industry controls the Republican Party. Okay the Republican Party, finally scored some cool points. It's seems more than likely if you are buying, Rick Perry will throw down a cold one with you.

Does Buddy Roemer drink Beer? The NOLA Defender, Blood -Alcohol-Content, Stephen Colbert ribs Buddy Roemer. Beer drinking status in-determinant, but come on folks Roemer was the Governor of Louisiana, the home of "Laissez les bons temps rouler" I can't find a photo of him drinking Beer. Roemer get's cool points for being former Governor of the state, that gave us New Orleans. New Orleans, that put the biggest reason to party on the map, Mardi Gras.

Does Gary Johnson drink Beer? According to this article he no longer drinks or smokes. Turns out Gary Johnson was more into herbals :) Outside "Failure To Launch" by Nick Heil, Sept 8.2011. I had been on hand for Johnson’s announcement, seen him on Fox and MSNBC, listened to him on NPR, and chatted with him for hours about his campaign, but I still had to remind myself that the guy standing before me in his birthday suit was running for president. President! I opened a beer (Johnson no longer drinks or smokes—“Bad choices,” he says), and we adjourned to the deck and climbed into the warm water. Short answer No.

Does Herman Cain (private sector businessman) drink Beer? I don't know but he is smokin.

Does former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich drink Beer? The Lousy Canuck...because I don't watch enough hockey, drink enough beer or eat enough bacon.....Joe Half A Pack Canuck? Short answer for Newt Gingrich, if you don't drink Beer, you might want to start. Who cares what the puck, the Canadians think?

Does Representative Michelle Bachmann drink Beer? Michelle once attacked her Democrat challenger, stating she would raise taxes on bacon, and beer. Shame on you Tarryl Clark. She probably voted for mandating cervical cancer vaccines for young girls too/

Does Representative Ron Paul drink Beer? I can't tell, but he does have a support group on facebook: Beer Drinkers For Ron Paul. Somehow that makes perfect sense.

One Burbon, One Scotch, One Beer!

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