Monday, November 14, 2011

Black Thursday - Retailers Response To Adbusters?

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, earlier, and earlier every year. Do you like cheese cake? Turns out there's an app for that. Brett Minieri Talks Pin Up Girls & Iphone Apps.

Adbusters is a pale pink psuedo marxist Canadian organization, that is against "consumerism". They are one of the organizations behind the Occupy Wall Street Movement. A Canadian anti-Capitalist, economic terrorist manufactured the Occupy Wall Street phenom, and has been pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

It looks like the Capitalist are finally punching back. Here is a link to the list of stores opening their doors on Thanksgiving evening to give consumers an opportunity to "consume" a day earlier than they would otherwise. Read More HERE, Black Thursday, stores opening doors on Thanksgiving Day.

The war on Christmas by the secular left, has gone from pissing, and moaning to occupying public, and private property. It's pretty obvious that merchants have just sent them a big wet raspberry. The problem with the anti capitalist - anti consumerism message, that is at the core of Occupy Wall Street movement. Is all the money, the banking issues, and high end products the OWS movement is known to be purchasing/consuming and using. I am not sure what one would get their favorite OWS protester for Christmas? Since they are anti consumerism, I guess all we can do is wish them a White Christmas ;) There are those who feel sorry for the OWS protesters, who insist on squatting out of doors in the harsh elements. I on the other hand feel, if it's good enough for our troops, it's good enough for wannabe socialist. No one is forcing them to squat on public, and private property, and they don't have to deal with IEDs or being targeted by terrorist.

10th Mountain Division Feb 2011 Afhanistan
U.S. and Afghan soldiers move through Kherwar district to prevent Taliban freedom of movement in Logar province, Afghanistan, Feb.12, 2011. The soldiers, assigned to the 10th Mountain Division's Company D, 2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, braved more than 3 feet of snow during the patrol. Photo by Sgt. Cooper T. Cash. Check Out More about our troops serving overseas HERE From OUT on the Porch

All gave some, and some gave all. You are welcome OWS movement. It's not some lame Canadian puppeteers, sitting in warm cozy comfort, that ensure your right to protest. It's the people who get up every morning put on the uniform of this country, and take the fight to our enemies. They are fighting real wars compared to self indulgent secularist, who make up excuses to make war against Christmas, and capitalism.

UPDATE: Local residents and business counter protest OWS movement at City Hall NYC.“Mayor Bloomberg is helping them stay,” read the fliers posted downtown.