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The Melungeon YDNA Study Findings & Vardy Collins Ironic "Viking Blood"

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Baty Collins Family, Grandson of Vardy Collins, and Margaret "Peggy" Gibson, through their son Alfred Collins.

Saponi Family of Joseph Collins, Mellisa and Jessie. Joseph Collins/Aaron Collins/Stephen Collins (B 1800 Grainger Co.,TN)/Aaron Collins/David Collins (YDNA halo type R1a1a) and Thompsy Posting.

I asked my Collins cousin, who descends from David Collins if I could use one of his family photos to make my point about YDNA not being able to determine a person's ethnicity or race. David Collins and Vardy Collins YDNA match. David Collins family is documented to be of Saponi Indian ancestry. The halo type (R1a1a) is the fabled "Viking Blood".  Take a good look at these two men, in these two photos, do any of these mixed Saponi Indians, look like they are blonde and blue eyed Scandinavians?  Still JOGG Journal of Genetic Genealogy who advertise themselves as genetic anthropologist, would have us all believe that Melungeon YDNA study showed no Indian component, and that finding Eb "Sub Saharan African" halo type meant, they could tell the ethnicity of the people who were called by the slur Melungeon. They claim their origins were from African men and white European women.  I have just demonstrated how YDNA cannot determine a person's race or ethnicity or their ancestor's race or ethnicity. The article about the findings of the Melungeon YDNA  project has been circulating through the internet it's even reached the Daily Mail.

The above Baty Collins had an Uncle named Simon Collins, who married Frankie Bunch so the Melungeon YDNA study got that part right. The Melungeon YDNA Study "It was such a closely related group that it is conjectured that everyone that descends from everyone, and therefore from all the founders." The use of the word conjecture is intentional.

But why wasn't David Collin's YDNA test results included in the Melungeon YDNA project when his descendant's DNA matched Vardy Collins? Because David Collins wasn't living on Newmans Ridge, Tennessee? When Vardy Collins and Shepherd "Buck" Gibson, were living in Hancock Co.,TN., David Collins, and his family were living in Grainger Co.,TN., I included a 1799 petition of Grainger Co.,TN., in a previous post, where I noted that President Obama's Bunch ancestor Charles Bunch signed the petition. In fact it's alphabetized so he's listed right below John and Richard Bull. John Turnbull/Bull married David Collins daughter Eleanor Collins in Grainger Co.,TN. As I noted above, one of Vardy's son Simon Collins married Frankie Bunch.  The Bunch are part of the Melungeon YDNA Study. 

The Melungeon YDNA study explains how these folks migrated to Newmans Ridge, Hancock Co TN., from North Carolina, and before that back to Louisa Co.,Virginia. If the argument for not including David Collins YDNA is because Vardy Collins, and David Collins were not sharing the same geographic location although their YDNA proves they both go back to the same Collins of Louisa Co.,Virginia. There are records that show they were indeed residing in the same geographic area of North Carolina.

Brenda (Collins) Dillion "One More Mountain To Cross"

DB,p 42-20 DEC 1791 George Reves was granted by N.C. 600 acres on New River adj. conditional line made between said Reeves and David Collins. On the 28th of Jan 1797 George Reeves of Grayson County sold this land, same description mentioning the same David Collins.

DB D, p 329 4 April 1798 Thomas Collins bought for 15 pds, 70 acres of land on the S side New River

DB D, p 750 13 Dec 1796 N.C. granted Vardy Collins 100 acres S side of S fork New River

DB D p 412 27 Dec 1797 - N.C. granted David Collins 50 acres adj Wm Hill.

This is a map graphic of Eastern Tennessee Counties, Grainger County TN., border's Hancock County TN.

Vardy Collins is probably the best known Melungeon figure outside of Micajah Bunch. Why are matches to Vardy Collin's YDNA being excluded that show the Indian component to the Collins?

Perhaps these genetic anthropologist JOGG are historically deficient of recent Virginia American Indian history? They are not the first to claim that these people who were called by the slur Melungeon, were not made up of Indian ancestry. There was an infamous white supremacist and eugenicist enthusiast Walter Ashby Plecker, the first registrar of Virginia bureau of vital statistics starting in 1912, he forced Indians to classify themselves as black (Richmond Times Dispatch). The tribes he said had become a mongrel mixture. This is why when anyone Googles Walter Plecker the search results come back with the title "The Black and White World of Walter Ashby Plecker". The thing is Walter Plecker, wasn't a weekend white supremacist, I mean the man was committed to the purity of the white race. He wasn't the type that would be satisfied poking holes in pillowcases, and wearing them on his head/ Walter Plecker decided to apply the Racial Integrity act of 1924, and a mandatory sterilization  law that would be invoked 8,300 over 55 years with a vengeance.  Walter Plecker decided that there were only two classification to race, in Virginia - White and Colored. The only Virginia Indians that were exempt from Walter Plecker's classification system, were the descendants of Pocahontas and John Rolfe. There were prominent Virginians, that were proud to trace their ancestry back to Pocahontas.  The rest of Virginia Indians were simply wiped out by Walter Plecker's new race classification system. Walter Plecker was such an eugenics enthusiast he even advised the Nazis on their eugenics program, they had a common interest in the purity of the white race - the so called Aryan master race. I can't imagine what Walter Plecker or Adolph Hitler, and the Nazis would have done with DNA test results? Especially if they decided they could determine people's Race and Ethnicity with test results like JOGG. I guess that Huffington Post headline: Melungeon DNA Reveals Upset's "A Whole Lot Of People" is true in a sense.  It upset people to see racist history repeating itself.

I was reading about this (R1a1a) halo type, I don't know how jazzed President Obama is as a Bunch descendant through his maternal  grandmother Madelyn Lee (Payne) Dunham,  to find out about our Viking Blood, but the Gibson and Collins kin are pretty psyched. I mean we aren't going to become Viking fans or anything like that, we're hillbillies, we're not crazy.

Walter Plecker, and the Nazis were hell bent on the purity of the white race- the master race. Perhaps some people reading this right now are thinking, well Walter Plecker's jurisdiction was Virginia, and Vardy Collins had died by this time, and anyway he moved to Tennessee. It's important for people to understand just how dedicated Walter Plecker was to his eugenics agenda. He sent letters out to all 50 states encouraging them to use his system. Walter Plecker even had a list of family's names he claimed were miscegenated,  and he wrote to the Tennessee registrar on this very issue. Vardy's descendants were still living in Blackwater, Newmans Ridge, Hancock County TN. and the Collins name was on Plecker's list. And this is where Vardy Collins YDNA (R1a1a) "Viking Blood" becomes ironic......

Halo group Rla1a the fabled (R1a1a) when found is said to indicate "Viking Origin"  Viking DNA among British descent is found among the border reivers. I have stated in previous post the Turnbulls were a well known revier family surname. David Collins daughter Eleanor Collins married John Turnbull in Grainger Co.,TN.  John Bull's brother Richard Bull's great grandson Richard Thomas Bull, married Mary Lambert, my Great Grandfather's maternal Aunt. I kept reading about this halo type, and came to this entry.'

China has revived interest in the long forgotten Indo-Iranian tribe, the Tocharians, their possible role in the economy
of the Silk Road, and their relationship with the people of Europe. Haplogroup R1a is also, implicitly, the "Aryan"
haplogroup, and perhaps the less said about that, the better.

If Walter Plecker had never seen any of the Collins, but only had their YDNA test results to determine their race and ethnicity, Plecker would have summarized that they belonged to the so called Aryan master race, he was so obsessed with.  I call that ironic, considering how Walter Ashby Plecker was hounding these people, and insisting they weren't White or Indian.  This is why Melungeon researcher's are upset with JOGG claims, that they can determine race and ethnicity of people's ancestors from a YDNA test.

It's my sincere hope that people don't just accept this Melungeon YDNA study on it's face value, but question the findings and claims.

I am not sure I am going to blog anymore on this topic. I have covered my issues with the findings of the Melungeon YDNA study findings. My direct family line is Gibson. I have a Gibson cousin who matched Shepherd "Buck" Gibson's descendants YDNA. The Mason, Gibson, Collins family oral history, has always been that the Gibson's were of Irish descent. The halo type R1b1a origins British Isles "Irish".

DNA consultants home of DNA finger print test, latest article:
Melungeons: Seeing Red, Seeing Black, addresses the Gibsons in the Melungeon YDNA test.
Excerpt; Melungeon Gibson's derive their origins from the Chavis family, one of the oldest Portuguese Jewish names in America. So there's that.

In Dreams Of My Father, p. 13 Mr Obama says that "a distant ancestor" of hers "had indeed been a full-blooded Cherokee". No evidence has been found to support this claim***.

I found this recent CBS video discussing the Virginia Indian Tribes, struggle to get their tribal recognition back. The B.I.A. requires civil records for application for recognition, and Walter Ashby Plecker changed many of these people's racial designation so it's a huge mess. Senator James Webb (D) Virginia, has tried to right the wrongs of Walter Ashby Plecker, and so has George Allen (R) who is running for the U.S. Senate in Virginia.  At the end of this video is a plea to President Obama to help them. Given that the President's own Bunch ancestors were affected by  Walter Plecker's eugenics agenda, it would be some slap in the face to Plecker's legacy if he did undue all the damage inflicted by Walter Ashby Plecker.

The CBS segment on Walter Ashby Plecker keeps getting removed. HERE is a video about Walter Plecker and his eugenics agenda.
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