Friday, August 24, 2012

TGIF Circus Life "Sweet Painted Ladies" The Political Sideshow Opportunist Edition

After watching countless hours of campaign coverage that ignores our national debt, high unemployment, deflated personal income, and media gotcha moments about events that don't effect the average American's lives in any foreseeable manner. I have come to the conclusion that the main theme of this campaign cycle is "political opportunism".  While Rome burns the political class, and their "political props" have turned the campaign for high office, and the future of the U.S.A., into some kind of absurd political sideshow.

If there is a republican war on women, there is another war being waged by the democrats - a war on people's intelligence. Case in point, the current sideshow currently underway.  The democrats haste to make hay out of a statement made by what would be described as one of the poorest politicians of our day - but the day is young. Some people may want to be in political life, but that doesn't make them a competent politician. Todd Akin made indefensible claims about rape, women's biology and abortion, in response his party dropped him like a lead balloon, and withdrew funding for his campaign. The democrats desperate for something to smear the republicans with trot out their political props.  For some reason the democrats believe the way to win elections is to turn political campaigns into side show attractions. It's not that they are intentionally trying to insult people's intelligence. They think the average American is stupid. There is no other explanation unless of course our political class is made up of the special needs demographic. 

The current list of absurd claims being made. Mitt Romney didn't pay any taxes....uh huh the IRS isn't aware Mitt Romney is running for president of the United States, and they have no idea if he's paid his taxes or any interest in checking, because that's how the IRS works? 

Mitt Romney caused the death of man's wife years after he left the company where he was the CEO. Uh huh sure that's how cancer works?

Mitt Romney is a felon, because if you make a statement, it makes your statement a fact, that's how the truth works?

It reminds me of an old saying when I was growing up when someone would tell such a huge whopper or proposed something so outlandish your jaw would drop open. "What do I look like? Do I look like I have stupid written across my forehead?" 

It would be better still if we had some kind of stamp we could stamp across these political opportunist foreheads. I think "Political Whore" gives a whole new meaning to the term - tramp stamp. 

Is it any wonder why we get candidates like Todd Akin, and not politicians of a high caliber, the political class hasn't exactly set the bar very high,  this is how the war on women works? 

The republican convention has a list of speakers.  None of which are one of the most popular conservative woman of our day. 

The democrats on the other hand have a list of women who are going to speak at their convention. A list of women who have turned themselves into political sideshows "First woman of color at Harvard Law" turns out the first woman of  color at Harvard Law was a white woman so that's how diversity works? A Georgetown student who thinks contraception is a right, because contraception cost money so that's how rights work? Caroline Kennedy, well sure that's a no brainer we know how the Kennedy's treat women/  Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood, because nothing says you support women like having the champion of making sure women don't make it past the womb -to speak, so that's how democrat support of women works?  Planned Parenthood is all for sex selective abortions. 

Susan B Anthony, Women's Rights

Republicans are dismissive of strong women, and Democrats are insulting, and condescending. Susan wouldn't stand for the kind of treatment, American women are receiving from the political class of today. Susan B Anthony, didn't march so women could sell themselves as political sideshows, so the political class could sucker the rubes into their political tents. 

Sweet Painted Lady, 

I'm back on dry land once again 
Opportunity awaits me like a rat in the drain
We're all hunting honey with money to burn
Just a short time to show you the tricks that we've learned.......

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