Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney Up To Bat, Liberal Media Pitches "Switch Up"

The Middle East is currently in melt down mode, but that's not going to stop the liberal media from changing the narrative in the news cycle. The media just introduced a recording of Mitt Romney talking about percentages, and voters.  It reminded me of baseball batting averages "Percentages". The truth is the liberal media is going to be pitching the Obama campaign softballs right up to the November election. It looks like the current trend of failed foreign U.S. policy (leading from behind) is impacting the Obama campaign.  Predictably the liberal media decided it would introduce a distraction to take the "Heat" off of the current U.S. administration. This pitch is called the switch up. The Romney campaign needs to keep their eye on the ball.

As for writing off a percentage of voters, the Obama campaign already has.  Why is it news that the Romney campaign would also? It's a love triangle folks, if the democrats can't have those voters, they are going to make damn sure the republicans can't have them either. An apt analogy of the 2012 presidential campaign season thus far, would be the baseball movie Bull Durham. Susan Sarandon's character Annie Savoy, would be "We the People". Mitt Romney needs to decide if he's pitching or catching.  

Neither campaign knows how to relate to the middle class. Mitt Romney seems to think, people "folks" are apathetic, and resigned to their current economic circumstances, and won't vote for an improvement. President Obama seems to think, lowering the American people's expectations for their economic future is a winning strategy - depress the middle class so they won't turn out to vote. Neither of these candidates come from the middle class.  The American people as a homogeneous entity, and that includes the new comers, ASPIRE to raise themselves up, to better themselves in the land of milk and honey. The American people "middle class" don't have an identity crisis, they know who they are this country was built on their service and sacrifice - we are invested in our future. They certainly know they deserve better from the political class. FYI for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, surviving is not thriving. Middle class Americans ASPIRE to do more than eek out an existence on government entitlements.  The middle class is neither apathetic or depressed. They are livid, when the people we vote into office aka public servants, take the best cuts, and WE THE PEOPLE get the leavings, there is going to be a change up in the dug out, you can make book on it.

World was on fire, no one could save me but you
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do........nobody loves no one. 

Batter Up!

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