Tuesday, November 13, 2012

World War Z - Brad Pitt Observes Zombie Protocol

Reviewers have noted that Brooks uses World War Z as a platform to criticize government ineptitude, corporate corruption and human shortsightedness.

Brooks also shows his particular dislike of government bureaucracy. One character in the novel tries to justify lying about the zombie outbreak to avoid widespread panic, while at the same time failing to develop a solution for fear of arousing public ire.

Brad Pitt, plays United Nations employee Gerry Lane, as he searches the globe for information to stop a Zombie pandemic. 


Except for a number of isolated safe zones (such as Omaha, Nebraska and Tallahassee, Florida), almost all of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains was overwhelmed by zombies during the war. The United States government fled to Honolulu, Hawaii, and the West Coast of the United States became home to most of the nation's remaining human population, serving as a launching pad for the national reclamation effort. The United States also had a higher percentage of isolated pockets of survivors than any other country, probably due to the independent nature of American culture and the high rate of gun ownership.
WWZ Release Date 21 June 2013

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