Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Politically Correct Speech Police, Merry Christmas vs Generic Holiday Greeting

I received this ornament as a gift back in 2008 - An official White House ornament. According to the White House it's Christmas, and apparently it's also a Christmas Tree. That's the official position of the United States government aka the state.

When did free religious expression become intolerance? When did the hyper sensitivity to non Christian's sensitivities over ride Christian's freedoms of religious expression on the observance of their holy season? What is so offensive about the greeting Merry Christmas, that the secular progressives (the minority in this country) want to dictate to the majority Christians in this country, the use of their traditional greeting? Who exactly is being offended by the use of the greeting "Merry Christmas"? Muslims? Jews? Hindus? Buddhist?  I have been wished  a Merry Christmas by many people of many different religious persuasions. Not one was offended by my observance of Christmas, in fact they enjoyed the festivities of the season.  I haven't found one Jewish person who has stated that they hate Jesus Christ, and what he stood for. Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet, and that his mother Mary is an especially holy figure in Islam.

So who is it who is really offended by the greeting Merry Christmas?  I believe it's the secularist that want Americans to worship the state instead of a Spiritual deity. I have no problem rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's but I don't owe the state - the state of my immortal soul. The state is not in the delivering salvation business, in any of it's shape shifting incarnations.

Father Jonathan Morris is going to be Imus's guest tomorrow on Imus In The Morning, 5 December 2012,  Fox Business News, perhaps he will explain how the 1st amendment also apply's to Christians living in the United States. 

You load sixteen tons/trillion, and what do you get
Another day older, and deeper in debt
St Peter don't you call me, "cause I can't go"
I owe my soul to the company store.......
I would love to get a 2012 White House Ornament for Christmas this year. If anyone knows how I can go about obtaining one, please email me at: keyboard.jockey1@gmail.com

Hat Tip Beth, thanks so much for the link to the White House Ornament collection. The 2012 Ornament celebrates the Taft White House.  If you are interested in purchasing a White House Ornament Go HERE. 
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