Wednesday, December 5, 2012

War on Christmas "Embeds" Imus Guest, Father Jonathan Morris

"We're Not Happy, Till You're Not Happy"

Embed: To assign (A journalist) to travel with a military unit during an armed conflict or in this case embedded with Imus for the Christmas season.

Imus guest this morning, Father Jonathan Morris. I don't think the suits at Fox News understood Neil Cavuto's request for Imus in the Morning, that would be an old priest AND a young priest.

Father Jonathan Morris, explains what it means to our country's social fabric if Jesus Christ is removed from Christmas.  

Father Jonathan Morris is not the only Catholic clergy that has appeared on Imus in the Morning.  Cardinal Egan used to be a frequent guest on Imus In The Morning. The Cardinal is sorely missed.  Now bow your heads you heathens. 

Fox Business News, Christmas Tree vs Holiday Tree. Father Jonathan Morris discusses whether there is currently a “War on Christmas”.

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