Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Democrat's Caught In A Midterm Riptide - Happy Independent's Day America

Happy Independent's Day America.  

Republican wave sweeps the United States November 2014 midterm elections.  As an Independent voter, I couldn't be any more pleased with the outcome. Independent voters's prefer divided government. It's been a long time coming but finally we are going to have some federal government accountability. Republican's have been enjoying Independent voter support for the last three election cycles. Last night Independent's became free agents of change again.  No more holding our noses and voting, because we reached our goal "divided government" which results in less politics and more governing. You're welcome America. 

I would like to address the democrat's who understand that the Independent's have been reset for the next election to come in 24 months.  Well mostly some advice for  Bill Clinton who understands just how badly the rabid left wing of the democrat party has harmed the democrat brand among Independents.  Mr Clinton would no doubt prefer not to be going into the next presidential election with such an unpopular damaged democrat brand. 

Democrat's if you liked what Independent's did with the republican brand wait and see what we have planned for democrat's. Independent's really, really, really did not appreciate the democrat's siccing  their loony left wing onto the middle class for the last 6 years. Calling middle class American's racist, bigot's, anti intellectual. They called us the American Taliban.  WTF who do they think were physically in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban? Democrat's you did build that backlash. 

I think it's past time for some serious democrat construction- rehabbing. We can start with knocking down those Styrofoam Greek pillars.  Those Greek pillars are a little ostentatious and lofty for the party of the working man don't ya think?  I am thinking we get rid of those pillars, knock down a couple of walls, put in a Tiki bar, throw down some shag carpet, put up some of those Japanese party lanterns, get some of those floating candles for the hot'll be nice - you'll see ;) 

In the language the left wing of the democrat party can understand from the American Taliban aka the American middle class: You may have the watches but we have the time. If I were you all, I would get busy banging out that Tiki bar.

 In reference to political waters. Riptide: Is actually a current, not a tide.     

Also called: rip current a strong current, esp one flowing outwards from the shore, causing disturbance on the surface.