Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Imus Guest, Gov Mike Huckabee, Afghanistan Looks Like The Land Of The Flintstones "Bedrockistan"


The first rule when you find your self sinking in quicksand, is not to struggle, you only sink faster. What can we hope for in Afghanistan? Afghanistan is a collection of tribes, it's not a country in the conventional sense. There is no George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, who are waiting in the wings, to lead them into a bright future. What is there? At best maybe we can hope for a Tarzan or something......


"Abandon all hope ye who enter here"

The painting above is titled "Dark Kingdom" By Frank Frazetta, who died 10 May 2010. I have always enjoyed his art. Frank Frazetta "Painting With Fire". Frank was a well known fantasy artist, he liked to draw Tarzan. One of Frank Frazetta's best known works was "Death Dealer"

I agree with Governor Huckabee, on his assessment of Afghanistan, and our participation in a part of the world, that has chewed up, and spit out armies over the course of their history. We need to have the mission clearly defined, for what we call a victory in Afghanistan. Otherwise we are at risk of mission creep. We know how that plays out. We were taught that lesson before.

It looks like the enemy was taking notes.

I think Afghanistan is a suckers bet, and the odds are against us, but I wouldn't bet against America. If Afghanistan rises it's going to be on the backs of Americans.

She said her name was victory
She didn't want to know the rules
That's just the way I wanted to play
In a game designed for fools

We were beating the odds
We were beating the odds
We were beating the odds again
We were gambling with our souls
We were playing to win
We were beating the odds again

Molly Hatchet "Beatin' The Odds"