Thursday, July 28, 2011

Congress Spreads Fertilizer - Reaps What It Sows

We know how the American people think about the size of the Federal Government's Debt. We know how the credit agencies think about the size of the U.S. Federal Government's Debt. But for some unknown reason, the actual employees of the Federal Government, don't seem to notice. Even when we have a 14.2 plus trillion dollar national debt.

Fox News Network, Geraldo Rivera, and Fox Business News Bernard McGuirk, both offer their plans to solve the debt crisis. Click On Link for Video HERE.

The U.S. Congress, can't reach a bipartisan plan to solve our unsustainable national debt crisis. They truly are turning the U.S Capitol into a shop of horrors.

Getting our lawmakers to actually follow the will of the American People is like pulling teeth.