Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jake Tapper "The Democrats Want Romney To Be The Republican Nominee"

Imus guest Jake Tapper of ABC news, tells Imus, he believes the Democrats want to face Mitt Romney in the General election. Mitt Romney is the Democrat's choice for the Republican nominee, to run against President Barack H Obama.

In fact Senator John McCain just endorsed Mitt Romney. John McCain lost to Barack Obama in the last Presidential election in 2008. The Republican party is hell bent on fighting their last war, when they lost in 2008. This is the year 2012, you can't go back, there are no do overs.

I was reading about the Iowa caucus turnout for the Republican primary to gauge Republican voter enthusiasm.

Iowa caucus voters, January 3rd, 2012 who voted 122,255. Representative Ron Paul won 21% to place 3rd. All of Rep Ron Paul's support is not Republican, he had 44% share of the Independent's vote. With respect to the first question, entrance polling puts the number of independents who voted in the GOP caucuses at about 23% of the turnout or approximately 28,000 voters. Rep Ron Paul polled 44% of that independent vote. Subtracting all the Independents voting in the Iowa caucus on January 3rd, would leave a much smaller amount of actual Republicans participating in their own caucus. Which would point to lower enthusiasm among Republican voters.

Governor Rick Perry “This is a quirky place and a quirky process to say the least,” Perry said on Wednesday, before leaving Iowa. “We’re going to go into, you know, places where they have actual primaries and there are going to be real Republicans voting. Perry believes the Iowa caucuses are a screwy, non-representative endeavor. In some ways, he’s right. Turnout at caucuses is far lower than at primary elections; only the most committed politicos show. In Iowa, Democrats and independents can cross the aisle to participate — a boon to a candidate like Paul, who has hefty support outside the Republican Party, or to Romney, who’s considered the most moderate of the front-runners.

I have my own theory of what is driving down Republican voter enthusiasm in the Republican primary. Corporate media's non stop schilling of the vanilla candidate, that can't poll over 25% and is celebrated as a success for not being able to appeal to 75% of the Republican base. Which is probably one of the many reasons, the Democrats want the Republicans to nominate Mitt Romney for the 2012 Republican ticket. Suppressing Republican voter enthusiasm.

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