Friday, January 13, 2012

TGIF, Political Circus Edition " The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe"

I remember the last candidate that ran as all things to all people. Americans fell in love with a Rorschach test. Former Governor Jon Huntsman, of Utah, recently referred to Mitt Romney as a well oiled weather vane. Mitt Romney has a reputation of sticking his finger in the wind to gauge popular public opinion, before taking a position of his own. The American people already know which way the wind is blowing. They need a candidate that is storm tested, and can stand firm when ill winds are buffeting the country. Governor Rick Perry, the strong, Christian conservative candidate, has already shown he can handle real storms, not just metaphorical economical storms. For instances Katrina, Rita, and Ike. When hurricanes hit the gulf coast, Texas steps up, and Governor Rick Perry leads in the recovery. There is a reason Governor Bobby Jindal, of Louisiana, endorsed Governor Rick Perry.

Remember Christine O'Donnell's pitch to Delaware voters? Christine O'Donnell: I'm not really a witch. It looks like Mitt Romney, is taking a page from Christine O'Donnell's campaign play book.

Mitt Romney, I'm not really a Vulture Capitalist. I'll sum it up, Mitt Romney doesn't like to have to defend himself in the republican primary. It's okay if Mitt Romney attacks his opponents, it's not alright for them to attack him back. Mitt Romney: I expected this kind of attack from Barack Obama. Really? Then you should be prepared to defend yourself in the republican primary. If Mitt Romney can't withstand having his record at Bain Capital vetted now, he's not bullet proof for the general election. Mitt Romney has highlighted his tenure at Bain Capital during his stump speech, that makes it a fair avenue of inquiry. Up until now apparently we are all supposed to believe that you can't question the practices of "Bain Capital" because that's equivalent to attacking the Free Market. When did Bain Capital become the Free Market? That a pathetic straw-man argument. I don't remember "Vulture Capitalist" being a problem when it was used to describe Meg Whitman. How does this kind of campaign strategy work out? I seem to recall that Christine O'Donnell lost to Chris Coons her democrat opponent, in her bid for U.S. Senate. So there's that.

Profitable failures
In his campaign for president, Romney has championed free markets and vowed to shrink the role of government. The Republican has argued that his business acumen makes him the best candidate to fix the nation's economy and bring down the stubbornly high unemployment rate. Romney's opponents point to his business career as evidence that he is willing to cut jobs and benefits.
The story of Bain's failed investment in the Kansas City mill offers a perspective on a largely overlooked chapter in Romney's business record: his firm's brush with a US bailout.

It seems like a clear choice between the candidate that sticks his finger in the wind or the candidate that stands like a rock. "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock" Thomas Jefferson.

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