Friday, October 26, 2012

TGIF Media Creepfest "Must Be The Season Of The Witch"

The feminine mystique, through out history there have been many feminine archetypes.   There are 4 major archetypes  The Maiden, The Mother, The Queen, and perhaps one of the most well known is The Crone or better known as the "Witch".

Marketing 101, sex sells. Creepy and Dorky not so much.  Who is in charge of creating ads for the Obama campaign? Time Warner parent company of CNN and HBO?  They need to be fired. The point is to appeal to the voter not remind them of your awkward high school years.  These ads were designed to appeal to young women voters? I believe you have to be at least 18 years old to vote......just sayin, this kind of crap would get you beat up in high school.....which screams volumes about the ad makers, and their target demographic. How big is the creepy dorky voter demographic?

The common wisdom is that the women's vote is going to decide the November 6th election.

The democrats appear to think that the way to appeal to women voters is to fixate on their lady parts. We have been encouraged to vote like our lady parts depended on it, and now we are being encouraged to vote with our hymen.  Meme: If you are a virgin, surely your first time should be with a married man, over 50 years of age, and father of two.  Lena Dunham - Fifty Shades Of Dorky.

CNN and HBO are owned by Time Warner. This morning CNN's Soledad O' Brien, media bunny extraordinaire was going on about how she thought the Dunham ad: Suggesting that a young woman vote with her hymen was cute. Girl Power/

CNN scrubbed a segment on women, and how hormone's effect their voting choices. Why?  I want to know why I am using my brain instead of my uterus to think with/  I had no idea that how I vote is dependent on ovulation and hormonal activity. This is the year of our Lord 2012, and there are still neanderthals, pimping the meme that women are being held hostage by their hormonal activity. These are the same people that criticize the republicans for having an antiquated view towards women's reproductive rights.

Marketing to the woman voter requires selling them on a sophisticated reality. I look at Dunham, and see a brown bird, she's not sexy, she looks androgynous. If the point is to sell - voting for Obama will make you feel sexy, use a freaking sexy woman. This isn't brain surgery. Ask yourself, who would women want to emulate and identify with? Dunham, selling dorky 20 something's sophomoric view of feminine sexuality or a confident, sexually self aware "Classy" attractive woman? I mean come on, what the hell is up with not even shaving your pits before a video shoot?

 Maybe they tried using the media's version of a sexy woman, and it failed.

All that these failed ads are signaling to me is that the democrat party, is clueless when it comes to women, and what motivates their choices. If it doesn't involve animal husbandry, and their social engineering agenda, democrats are at a loss of how to approach the average American women voter. Social media has amplified the distorted view of femininity by those stuck in a prepubescent age, that think their sexual organ makes them unique, like a special snowflake. 


I don't know if CNN is employing witches to influence the presidential race. I do know that Candy is dandy, but sex won't rot your teeth.